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Thread: Price Check: May have paid to much but what do you guys think?

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    Price Check: May have paid to much but what do you guys think?

    Thinking about keeping one of the Fetts and selling the other feet and snaggletooth.

    Vintage Star Wars Figures Lot 21 Back Boba Fett SNAGGLETOOTH | eBay

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    As long as your happy buddy,thats what counts.You may have overpad a tad,but not by much.If you sell the other two i reckon you will recoup quite a lot,and end up paying a good price for the one you keep.Those card offers are fairly HTF with the first 20,although i may be wrong.Not sure if they are mega rare,but they are desirable figs.

    At the end of the day you done ok.
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    that was you that won that lol......i was attempting to win that myself. As lee stated...its a tad too much but still great pieces imo.
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    Alright I was thinking I over paid by like $500 or something. Thanks for the information guys. And overall I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

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    I can't say anything about the value, but both Fett's have bubble issues that weren't mentioned in the description. The seller has said do the grading yourself because he's no expert, but yet he knows what a 21bk is. I think he knows that the bubble-issue is a factor, but tries to look like a noob-seller.

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    The fetts at fair retail should hit $550-800 each ungraded in current market. Graded may or may not help since the sticker tears will make a 70 max grade. 70's seem to get $600-850 or so, so not too much of a return on investment...

    If bubbles are at all cracked get a discount...

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    I messaged the seller when the auction started. No cracks

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthcollecter View Post
    I messaged the seller when the auction started. No cracks
    Though the Fett's are dented and it's unclear to what extend.

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    I love the "these are very RARE... but I'm no expert."

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    May have paid too much what do you guys think? ***UPDATE**

    Well the figures came in today. Not super thrilled. Let me know what you guys think. The snaggletooth and the 2nd fett will be put up in the classifieds.

    First Fett, Ill be keeping this one

    Overall not too bad for this one i guess.

    Snaggletooth...Doesnt seem too bad, but it almost looks like someone put glue on it at one point which makes me think it was a partial reseal? The two spots on the back of the card are hard and looks like it was wet and then dried hard. Maybe someone can chime in.

    This fett.....Someone wrote 28 on the side, has big bubble dents, and it you look closely on the side of the bubble it seems like it has sopts where the bubble wasnt sealed, very small holes, ive seen it on figures before. And on the very bottom of the bubble it looks like it has been cut or torn in a stright line, tried to take a picture but it was difficult.

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