Hi Everyone,
Please help me complete my VOTC set, and allow me to end the obsession!!

I'm looking for (MOC Only):

VC04 Luke (foil card)
VC12 Darth Sidious (foil card)
VC13 Anakin (foil card)
VC17 Gen. Grevous (foil card)

VC18 Magnaguard (regular card)
VC19 Cmd Cody (regular card)

For trade/sale I have (All MOC):

VC09 Boba Fett (return card)
VC14 Sandtrooper (foil card)
VC20 Yoda (canadian / ROTJ card)
VC21 Gammo Guard (unpunched)
VC26 Rebel Commando (black version)
VC28 Wedge Antilles
VC41 Stormtrooper (revenge card - unpunched)
VC41 Stormtrooper (return card)
VC52 Rebel Trooper x2 (both unpunched)
VC54 Arc Trooper Cmd
VC64 Slave Leia (revenge card)
VC69 Bastila Shan
VC70 Ponda Baba
VC86 Darth Maul

My preference would be straight-up trades, but I'm willing to entertain offers to get this done.
Pics are available upon request.

I live in Canada, so it would be easier for me to trade with fellow Canucks, but I'm open to anything at this point.

I also have access to the CW2013 & MH2013 "Yoda" card line, and could easily incorporate these into any potential trades (I completed the full CW2013 set yesterday).

If you're interested and can help, please contact me.