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Thread: Best solution for loose figure display?

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    Best solution for loose figure display?

    With 90+ figures I still have yet to figure out the best (mass produced) solution for display. Any ideas?

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    I like cheap spice rack shelves inside an Ikea Billy cabinet with glass doors. Relatively cheap and effective, especially when staggered with other items (carded figs, 12-inch, etc.)

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    Ditto Billy is best!

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    are you after freestanding or a wall mounted display?

    if wall mount, have you seen bluedog's cabinet over in the limelight section? not mass produced, but plans are on there - you could always have someone make it for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wbobafett View Post
    Same here: Billy with "Morebo" glass doors:

    One of the most awesome things I have ever seen!!!

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    Wbobafett, how did you light the Billy's? Great stuff by the way.

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