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Thread: Vintage Leia custom sculpt

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    Vintage Leia custom sculpt

    Here's something I've been working on lately. Like many others, I thought it was a shame Kenner never made a Slave Leia figure in their vintage line. So, I decided to sculpt one myself. After putting the final touches to this figure, I plan to cast it in flesh colored resin and paint it to match the original figures as close as possible. I'm curious to hear your feedback, please be as honest as possible. The body, arms and legs were done in Green Stuff epoxy, the head is sculpted in Fimo. The fabric is tricot, but I'm still looking for a more suitable fabric that matches the Kenner ones better (see my question in the sticky Customizing Questions thread).

    The staff she's holding right now is just a placeholder. She can hold a Fibro axe, but I'm thinking about sculpting here a weapon of her own, not sure which one yet.

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    Definitely a winner! Let me know if you plan to make the castings available.

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    Looks great. I'll take one.
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    looking great! wish i could see more detail. pics are coming off a little dark. i would go with the fibro axe as a weapon choice. kenner was never really adventurous with that aspect of their figures.
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    It's a beautiful sculpt! If you decide to make castings of her, I would definitely be interested in purchasing one.
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    Looking great so far - also interested if u make copies

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    This is fantastic !! this is a figure that should have been made back in the day !! You did a excellent job recreating the vintage look i really look forward seeing this completed

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    WOW.... this looks Amazing.... if you are making castings of this for sale I'd definately be interested
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    WOW.... this looks Amazing.... if you are making castings of this for sale I'd definately be interested
    I heartily agree! One fine custom. I'd be interested in obtaining one of these too.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    That is perfect. And the dark plastic resembles the SW tour that trekked across the country with black mannequins wearing the clothes.


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