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Thread: Paypal question

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    Paypal question

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me with a Paypal issue, some of you who have had a lot of experience using it (I'm kind of a noob).

    I sold some figures on eBay and the seller accidentally hit "BIN" when I had sent him a counter offer that was $20 less. He asked if I'd refund the $20 since it was an obvious mistake and I said I would. I issued a partial refund through Paypal and see it ($19.42 - fees not included) subtracted from my account. The remainder of the Payment isn't showing as subtracted, but the Payment status is listed as "reversed," and if you hover over it, a box comes up that reads:

    "PayPal reversed this payment because of a dispute or payment review. The money has been returned to the sender's PayPal account."

    Is this just the label that is put on any transaction where a partial refund is given? The entire transaction has not been reversed, has it? Is it safe to ship the item?

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    Give it 24 hours and check it again.

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