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Thread: What do you do with loose chewies??

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    What do you do with loose chewies??

    You collect them!!! Duh. On my way to my first goal of is a shot of 177 loose beater chewies.

    Always looking for more. 3 bucks each, no weapons any condition.
    LOOKING FOR: Chewbacca items, ANY Chewbacca items. The odder the better.

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    Plan on cornering the market? LOL. Quite a collection there

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    That's a hell of a lot of Brown!

    Very cool!
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    LOL, Dan thats actually pretty artistic mate, you could get the world record and create a world shortage of chewies lol, you didnt happen to lose yours as a kid or be deprived on a chewie as a kid did you lol.

    It looks cool mate, cheers

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    It's like copper pennies here in the states. If I can create a shortage then mine will be the gold standard and I will be a gazillionaire
    LOOKING FOR: Chewbacca items, ANY Chewbacca items. The odder the better.

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    love it man!
    IG-88 fetish, all items wanted.

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    they look great , but I always wonder what drives someone to collect so many of ONE figure in poor-loose condition. 400+ dollars for loose when you could buy something in better condition...just wondering , not bashing..


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    Great photo Brad, thats a lot of Chewbacca figures, 177 is 170 more than I have. All mine are diffrent through (Lili-Ledy, TopToys, Glkasslite and 4 different Kenner variations), so just need the Poch variation to be satisfied, so don't worry I will not start compting with you .

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    James it's not like I bought all at once so $400 at one time is not the issue. I get them in small groups unless I can get a whole bunch. The largest lot I bought was 28 at C5. Skye has iirc 500 of them. My goal is to beat that. I have been doing this for a few years and it will take a bit. Plus I have secretly been carving a giant vintage chewbacca out of wood in my garage. It's like 12 feet long. I plan on melting them down and making the largest chewbacca in the world!!!!!!

    on a serious note, for the few bucks I spend on them it's just a quirky fun thing to do. In many people's eyes they are worth next to nothing so I can parlay that into a big collection. Just like people try to get the mintiest loose figures possible.
    LOOKING FOR: Chewbacca items, ANY Chewbacca items. The odder the better.

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    That's a great display. Reminds me of my Yoda's. I was up to around 80 but had to sell almost all of them last year due to financial constraints (at the time).

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