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Thread: Childhood weekends, when I used to go Star Wars shopping with my pocket money

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    Childhood weekends, when I used to go Star Wars shopping with my pocket money

    Was thinking when I got up this morning of those Saturday mornings as child in the early 80's - my dad worked Saturday mornings so I would accompany my mum into town armed with my pocket money.

    Sure I had to visit some of the most boring shops in creation as she needed to go to town as much as I wanted to, but I also got to look round all the different toy shops for what I wanted that weekend. Straight off the bus was the best local independent toy shop with the biggest Star Wars selection, 2 walls from floor to ceiling, one of what must have been pretty much each figure released from Star Wars to Jedi on its own peg, and one of vehicles and other merchandise.

    So often my money was all spent at the first shop, then still in town I would open up my treasures in a cafe as my mum had a drink and relaxed, often crossing off all the figures I had on my latest cardback at the same time.

    During the same trips we would also go to the only local (one screen in those days) cinema based in the town centre probably once every other month if they were showing something new/appropriate - this included my first trips to Jedi, and both Ewok movies!

    Did anyone else have a similar ritual? Now I just get to go to the mother in laws every Saturday morning - the harsh reality of growing older!!

    (PS. Apologies for the smiley overload)

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    Oh yes, I have very strong memories of trips to various toyshops buying my figures as a child. Remember one day finding a pound note (showing my age) and being ecstatic and immediately going into the toy shop literally opposite where I found it and buying my Luke Skywalker figure. Those were the days when figures were 99p

    We (my brother, cousin and I) always got excited when we found Kenner figures as opposed to Palitoy cards.

    I also remember often buying figures in complete waves with either birthday or xmas money. I got the whole ESB wave 1 in one foul swoop in a toy shop in Slough in 1980. Best days of my life.

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    Absolutely - I would go to the Valley Bingo with my Grandmother and was given free reign to wander whilst the games were on. So I would go to the Valley Toyshop and check their items exit and head over to Waltons down the escalators and marvel at their product then it was back up to Myer to have a look at their toy range. OK so around the corner was Target and across from that store Coles. All Star Wars items checked in the Valley now back to the Bingo to promise to do many dishes etc so I could get $3 and bring back a figure to open at the bingo and play with promising the figure that there were many more friends waiting back at home to meet.
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    I remember earning $3.59 (carefully calculated) for practicing the piano daily so that I could buy 1 figure a week. Tickling the ivories built my collection! Plus all the other benefits of music.

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    yes , I would collect Aluminium cans all week and turn them in on Saturdays to shop at Woolworth's for SW figures. No internet , no huge walmart was good


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    Yup! Seems like every Saturday afternoon my mom had somewhere to go and we always got to swing by Toys R Us for me to grab a few figures. Oh good times!

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