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Thread: Seeking Community Support: Petitioning ebay for accountability, consumer abuse

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    Seeking Community Support: Petitioning ebay for accountability, consumer abuse

    DEAR FELLOW COLLECTORS: I am drafting a public petition to end the abuse and corporate malfeasance of the retail website ebay against the consumer. I have documented 3x cases of abuse, misconduct, unlawful billing, negligence and discrimination that this company has participated in, and every time I bring it up at least 2 other people step forward and explain how the same thing happened to them.

    I know there are others out there, and I think we can demonstrate that if it has not happened to you, you have merely been lucky. What happened to the 3x consumers in the cases I have documented could happen to any ebay user. It is high time that we take a stand and say NO to the discrimination and extortion tactics this company uses against the consumer under the guise of "trust & safety". My findings show how "protection" policies are used by ebay as nothing more than a weapon against its users to defraud them of money and property, or to cover up the malfunctions of their website so that they can collect additional fees from the consumer.

    I hope to share the petition with all of you next week. I wanted to take this opportunity, in advance, to let you all know and ask your advance permission to share it here on this group. I realize it is a contentious issue, and that some die-hard ebay fans strongly dislike anything that could even remotely be considered disparaging against ebay. Please don't get me wrong: I am not out to "end" ebay or "take it down". I merely advocate fairness and responsible implementation of ebay's website function and policy standards. And I advocate that ebay properly repair the damage they have inflicted against account users who have fallen victim to these abuses.

    If anyone disproves of my posting something of this nature here (esp. mods), please let me know in advance. But I hope to be able to count on the support of the community both here in this group as well as elsewhere online, in my endeavor to bring trust and safety back into online trading.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Removed my words. Go me.
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    Dan, all i can say is thankgod your back starting threads in the watch out section, its been getting a bit quiet in here, i was only thinking just the other day 'wheres Dan' in the watch out section, great to have you back n firing mate, watch out needs you Dan, cheers

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    Dan, I'm not sure what problems you've been having, but I'm willing to listen. I've used eBay to buy and sell for about 5 years and have had very little problems with eBay or the buyers and sellers. If I believed in luck, I'd say maybe I was lucky. My big issue with eBay is having to sift through 7,000 listing of screws, tie straps, etc when trying to find a part for a car.

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    oh yeah this is gonna work...


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    Wow! You'd have to make a sign in the stars to indicate the massive "FAIL" of this. There have been numerous and far more egregious issues perpetrated by Ebay on its customers, and even shareholders, driving 10's of thousand of complaints just about everywhere one could complain about them. They ended in......"chirp chirp". 99.9999% of ebay users just don't have the problems you do, and ebay 100% does not care about those that do or thier business. I hate to see what would happen if you get a girlfriend. You're like the one guy outside the Capitol building with a placard saying "Release from Tyranny Now!" that nobody understands, and gets the odd sympathy "You go girl!"
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    To be honest, I've really only had one complaint against ebay in 12 years of selling/buying. Today, that complaint/loss would have been guaranteed to be covered, so they kind of fixed that loophole. I've had 2 buyers file claims for damaged items this past year. Both boxes were crushed by the PO. In both instances, ebay refunded the buyer and allowed me to keep their payment. I've had other buyers file complaints over the past 5 years that ebay simply ruled against them, when it was obvious that they were lying. I'm not saying that they're perfect, or even close, but they have been more than good enough for me. Compared to most of the other sites out there of similar nature, they are head and shoulders above them IMO. Sure, some of the fees bum me out, but they're cheap compared to the overhead of a B&M store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by assemblyrequired View Post
    oh yeah this is gonna work...


    Actually, I've already made some headway, just spreading the word. We were contacted last week by someone in ebay's social networking department who offered to look into my mom's case for us. That is far more than we got from ebay by any other traditional route made available to either me or my mom in the past.

    Ironically, they said they will not talk to me about my mother's account, even though the source of the problem on my mother's account was the fact that ebay was demanding my mother speak to them about my old defunct account. lolol....
    The hypocrisy is astounding.

    As far as most people not having this problem, that is irrelevant. The whole point is that if it is allowed to happen to one person, that is one too many. It is a slippery slope.

    And Every time I share the story, someone else steps forward and contacts me with a similar story.

    Clearly it is happening to other people. How many people and whether or not ebay cares about it has no relevance.

    If I have a B&M store, and I get a shoplifter, and the rest of the surrounding community does not care that someone has committed petty theft against me, should I not report it? Should I keep silent just because the shoplifter chose my store and not the other 10 stores on the block?
    The number of other people affected and whether or not the company "cares" is not reason for me to just lie down and take their abuse and be quiet.

    That's no reason to do nothing.

    Like I said, it is a slippery slope. If we look the other way when ebay does this to someone, even if it's only one person, that sets a dangerous precedent for other corporations to follow- maybe not even any time soon, maybe years down the road. Wrongful corporate policy is still wrongful, whether they have done it to you or not, whether they have fixed some other issue for you or not, and regardless of whether or not they "care" about it or you. One could argue that all they truly care about is profit. No one is expecting them to "care" in the traditional sense of the word.
    But we DO expect them to act responsibly and reasonably, and not to act in such a way that would damage or diminish the consumer's rights, privileges, or property, nor to act in any way that would be discriminatory against a particular consumer on the sole basis of her/his identity. And that is what is going on here.

    I was raised to believe that you stand up for yourself, and you stand up for your rights. Sometimes the only way of doing that is to bring it to the public view. That is how you stop a bully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starwarsdan View Post

    If I have a B&M store, and I get a shoplifter, and the rest of the surrounding community does not care that someone has committed petty theft against me, should I not report it? Should I keep silent just because the shoplifter chose my store and not the other 10 stores on the block?
    Wow, an example that isn't even close to your issue.

    Petty theft and a technical glitch are miles apart. A better example would be if you had a store, and your credit card machine suddenly stopped working, denying people the ability to pay. A comparable ebay issue to petty theft would be someone claiming they never received an item you sent without tracking, and laughing in your face that there's nothing you can do to prevent them from winning the dispute (which HAS happened to me - and I'm not putting up petitions to stop this blatant and common thievery on ebay).

    Now, this has been asked before, and I want to ask again. Dan, can you please disclose your many ebay usernames?


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    Good luck with your issue. While your passion is admirable, it is to some degree misguided. In the heirarchy of transgressions ebay/paypal makes against users, this, and or the lack of concern on thier part about it is no where near the top. In the world of issues you can't fight every issue, or make a battle of every complaint, simply you have to prioritize. You have to prioritize not only what you want to fight but where you want to fight it. I hope you are lambasting ebay on this issue on the most appropriate forums, the ebay forums. Your written angst here is mostyly on deaf ears. I honestly don't beleive anyone here has supprted you, or is willing to make any effort other than a few words. Life is about energy management. If you continue at the rate of expenditure you're going at withn this, you'll hit burn out city very very fast. There are people out there worrying how to feed thier kids, pay thier rent and expend mental, physical and emotional energy every day seeking employment. Kinda makes your issue laughable. Sometimes you have to mitigate your energy expenditures and just have the inner smugness knowing that you are right in principle. I work for the government, and while I will win every issue/argument on rationale, logic, common sense and principle, they still have the right to manage however they want even if its patently wrong. I just like to let them know about it.
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