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Thread: Need MR Plaque Stand (Cant get ahold of Kodafett!!!)

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    Need MR Plaque Stand (Cant get ahold of Kodafett!!!)

    Anyone have an extra plaque stand they want to sell? Let me know. Also, still looking for a Qui Gon around $200.



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    I need three stands as well!

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    I have three or four I think
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    For those not knowing Philip Wise sells some great black acrylic plaque stands. And he can cut them in any size and shape you want, not just what you see online. And when you have the plaques attached, these shiny solid stands look great and very elegant. The blue and white text is only a protective sheet that can be easily peeled off revealing shiny black beneath. I prefer them to the MR ones, these ones being more stable once assembled, and maybe even more classy.

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