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Thread: Christopher Lee's 92 Back +1 Poster

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    Already received my tracking # - that was fast. Very cool.

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    Print arrived today. No tracking number. A quick peak reveals its big and cool. Not the thickest paper, but for $20 I'm not complaining. Will have to just frame this in a normal frame with no mat due to the size.
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    Popped mine in a movie poster frame and its already on the wall! That was fast!

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    Mine arrived today. Gotta find a frame for this one. Would Michael's carry a standard frame for something this size? The animated figures are much large than I thought they'd be.

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    I saw one displayed in the limelighting thread, here's mine with a $25 frame from IKEA that fit nicely for my boy's room...

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    Very nice poster....
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    Anybody have an extra they are willing to sell. This is a must have for my daughter. Actually its a must have for me. Fingers crossed.

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