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Thread: Sideshow Discount Coupons/Gift Codes - Please share!

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    I got $30 over Spooktacular, not bad considering I discovered this rewards points promotion by accident!
    Never knew SSC did this over Halloween (I assumed last year it was competitions and I didn't look into it any further.)

    I only started actively looking for these codes on Wednesday. So missed out on 2 full days worth and a few that were active in the small hours, when I was asleep.
    Already had $10.50 in rewards from a Red Five purchase and added this $30 for a $40.50 discount on Han In Stormtrooper Disguise from HT. Down from $242.99 to $202.50.

    Thanks to everyone who helped out with new codes over Spooktacular, it was fun!
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    Can’t beat free money, every time felt like picking up a $5 dollar bill!!

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    Has anyone gotten a promo code for rewards points for Black Friday? They have the promo code box up under their Black Friday deals but I haven't seen any yet...

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    I don't think they do codes, not that I remember, just discounted merchandise that's still the first order troops

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    Here's a screen shot of a bunch of the Star Wars related deals.

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    I have an extra $20 off any item monthly box code expiring at midnight Friday the 15th. If you want to use it, please respond with the item you want to buy. I will send you my referral link to the item. Please click on that and then check out and use the code as you normally would.

    I've been informed the code is now extended to a 12/21 expiration date. So you have a few more days to claim this.
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    $35.00 with code NEWYEAR-2018

    Expires January 3, 2018 at 11:59pm PST. $75.00 minimum purchase.
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    Dang, that a pretty sweet deal. Thanks for the heads up. Too bad I'm not in a position to be making any Sideshow size purchases in the next 3 days, lol.
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