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Thread: Star Wars Rebels Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturm86 View Post

    They say it's Feb. 24th for the US too (check "episode guide" on the previous link)
    Well *****. That is unfortunate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadroj View Post
    Well *****. That is unfortunate.
    The mid-season trailer said it was returning on the 19th of Feb.

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    Just saw the midseason trailer. not as epic as the season 4 start trailer, but still pretty goosebumping ... especially at the revelation of one major character

    Cant wait to watch the final episodes

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    Palpatine, voiced by McDiarmid. Return of the Mortis characters. Kanan getting a weird haircut. Ezra sacrificing himself maybe?

    This tail end is shaping up to be great!

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    The trailers are always more intense than the actual show, but considering that Filoni was able to end this show on his own terms, I think it should be pretty solid. I do hesitate as he often likes to leave untied loose ends and keep things 'open to the viewer". I do not like that. Kinda like how Ashoka is dead or alive. Just kill her off... Tragedy's happen, they are good for the narrative.

    1. I like it when they use the SW Film actors to voice their respective animation characters. So having Ian McDermid reprising Palpatine is wholly welcomed. In the past we have had

    Samual L Jackson: Mace Windu in TCW Movie
    Christopher Lee: Dooku in TCW Movie
    Anthony Daniels: C3PO in TCW and Rebels series
    Billy Dee Williams: Lando in Rebels
    Pernilla August: Shmi Skywalker in TCW
    Liam Neeson: QuiGon in TCW
    Frank Oz: Yoda in Rebels
    Ahmed Best: Jar-Jar in TCW
    Daniel Logan: Bobba Fett in TCW
    Mathew Wood: Gen Grevious TCW
    Genevieve O'Rielly: Mon Mothma in Rebels
    Forest Whitaker: Saw Gerrera in Rebels
    James Earl Jones: Darth Vader in Rebels

    Not to mention all of the other Movie Actors who have voiced other roles in TCW/Rebels that weren't necessarily characters on the big screen.

    2. I Looks like Short hair Kanan's computer model is going to have limited screen time. (IE, we all think he gets killed working to save Hera).
    3. Ezra. Will he fall to the Dark Side, or will the series leave it unanswered?
    4. Sabine, retire to Manalore, or fall in combat? I say she dies
    5. Zeb, dies in Kallus's arms. SW: LGBT moment
    6. AP-5 dies in a Surprise Neville moment

    I still wished that more Rouge One story lines and characters had worked more deeply into Rebels. More Death Star hints, more X-Wings, and Raddus, etc.. Rebels is now on Yavin IV, so having Cassian and K2SO would not be a stretch by any means.
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