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Thread: Season 6 scene

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    Season 6 scene

    Looks like season 6 is already in production. I can't believe all the rumors flying around the net about Clone Wars being canceled. Disney wouldn't pay 4 billion for Star Wars only to cancel the only currently airing show. One of my favorite cartoons of all time.
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    Top-Secret Hideout That arc of episodes was actually supposed to air in season 5. Season 5 was cut short two episodes you realize right? The fact that they cut the season short could be just one more nail in the Clone Wars coffin.

    I hope I'm wrong.

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    D_E is correct. This is an old trailer. It was actually originally screened at Star Wars Weekends 2012.

    EDIT: Here is TFN's story at the time.
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    Hopefully Star Wars weekends this year will bring some good news regarding the future of the Clone Wars.

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