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Thread: Partgreek's Collection!

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    Partgreek's Collection!

    Hey guys!
    I'm pretty new to these forums and I decided I would get my collection pictures up so you guys can see how pitiful it is! I'm pretty new to collecting so take it easy on me! I actually got my first piece at Celebration VI (Shae Visla) and from there did research and started buying others a few months later! Here you guys go!
    My Gentle Giant shelf:

    It is great to have a talented artist friend! =D Love my Darth Revan picture!

    My Boba Fett Sketch from Celebration VI

    Here's the glare in a different place so you can see it.

    My bookshelf full of Star Wars goodness!

    Here is a bust I am really looking forward to putting up, just don't have the room at the moment...=( Along with a couple others.

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    Here is the top part of my bookshelf.

    I am waiting to receive a Boba Fett Mythos that I have on preorder and also am now awaiting a Republic Commando set ( One of my dreams GG piece sets also from a fellow Scummer!) and an Imperial Storm Commando and Commander Faie!
    I'll provide updates as I receive the pieces!

    Thanks so much to all the Scummers who have made this collection work!
    Aayla Secura
    Airborne Trooper
    Obi Wan Kenobi Clone Trooper
    Jango Fett 2

    Commander Fox
    Shadow Guard
    Galactic Marine
    Airborne Commando (Windu Battalion)
    Anakin Skywalker EP 3

    Mara Jade

    Darth Malak mini bust

    Darth Maul PGM
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    I shouldn't forget my EU busts!

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    Welcome, you've got a nice start going to your collection, and no one is going to give you a hard time here. We all have a love of the same two things! Star Wars and collecting.
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    I like that Darth Bane mini statue. Who makes those mini statues?

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    JediEddy: Thanks for the welcome! I love the community!

    Drmdns: That is one of the Celebration VI exclusive Maquette's. Each day of Celebration VI they had one. Death Trooper, Quinlan Vos, Mara Jade, and Darth Bane. They are made by Gentle Giant and they are all limited runs of 300. The Darth Bane comes with an extra interchangeable Orbalisk armor head! =D

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    You have some very nice collectibles there, a few I'm after still myself..., you definitely need to find a home for that Darth Maul mini-bust, the detailing on it is really nice & it'd be a shame to keep him stuck in a box.
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    This is a very cool start. Congrats! All collections are smaller at the beginning but evolve after some time.

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    Cool collection!
    My collection
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    Thanks guys! I'm loving collecting!

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