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Thread: I need build a droid parts in the UK

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    I need build a droid parts in the UK

    I am in the UK and In desperate need for some build a droid parts:
    HK 47 right arm, right leg
    HK 50 head and gun
    BG J38 body
    U 3PO silver body, silver head, silver right arm, silver left arm, silver left leg
    R5 C7 body, left leg
    R3 A2 head middle leg body and left leg
    R5 A2 body and right leg
    R2 L3 head and middle leg
    5D6 RA7 head left leg, right arm
    R7 T1 left leg and right leg
    happy to buy and swap.
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    What do you have to trade?
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koth View Post
    What do you have to trade?
    Various pieces
    HK 50 arms and legs
    MB RA7 body's right legs left legs and left arms
    What I believe are champagne coloured arms and legs for U 3PO
    R7 Z0 body and both legs
    R3 M3 left legs and head and middle leg
    R2 L3 left legs
    R4 J1 head and middle leg
    BG J38 head
    5D6 RA7 body and left arm
    YVH 1 left leg and right arm
    L8 L9 right arm
    R7 T1 body
    R3 A2 right leg
    R5 C7 right leg
    R4 D6 left leg.
    At the moment that's all I have for trade.

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