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Thread: My Big Boy Collection...and counting.

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    My Big Boy Collection...and counting.

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    Nice collection!! I have always been a fan of the 12 inch action collection and I am trying to complete it right now. I the majority of the POTF2 ones but I still need to get the Saga and POTJ ones. What kind of projector is that?

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    Thanks. All my figures are still factory sealed with normal wear from all the years of storage but I do not plan on ever selling them. I still need more to finish.
    I to, am not looking at getting anymore figures past the 12" Saga line and I have no interest in any of the prequel figures except for the multi-packs.
    BTW, my projector is an old Mitsubishi HC3000U 720p, it does the job for being on old timer but I really want to upgrade to an Epson 3020 3D projector...after I stop buying my toys. I will be updating my pics with the new (old) figures coming in.

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    Cool, I have thread in the Hasbro limelight section if you want to take a look. All of my stuff was stored up in storage as well but I have slowly started to display it in one of our spare bedrooms. Nice projector! I have been wanting to get in the projector world also but as you said, damn those toys, haha. Epson make some great projectors, I'll most likely wait until the 4K projectors get down to a more reasonable price point before I jump in and get one.

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    Damn Spectrum, that's a lot of nice stuff. I used to be a collector of everything I could get my hands to back in the day but it was just too overwhelming for me financially. That's when I started to stick with just the 12 inch figures in 1996. I guess I should've posted my pics in the limelight section, i didn't see that section of the forum.

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    Thanks! You could always ask a Moderator to move your thread for you, I am sure they would not mind.

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