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Thread: WTB: Steve Thomas And Christian Waggoner

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    WTB: Steve Thomas And Christian Waggoner

    My girl is letting me put all my Star Wars art all over the main floor of our house. No man cave for these babies! Proudly displayed throughout the house However my Steve Thomas and Christian Waggoner collection is incomplete. Here's what I'm looking for from Steve Thomas & Waggoner...


    From Christian Waggoner--small canvas stormtrooper

    Purchased through fellow scummer--Cruise the Galaxy
    Purchased through fellow scummer--Kessel Run
    Purchased through fellow scummer--Rebel Transport
    Purchased through ebay -- Mos Eisley

    Purchased through fellow scummer--small canvas vader
    Purchased through fellow scummer--small canvas boba

    Just one more to go!!!! I can't believe it!!!!

    Thanks for all the help!
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    I am considering selling my Waggoner collection. All small canvas, all fully framed, all 10/10PP. Unfortunately the 3 you are after are sold out, won't be cheap and not sure if you'll want to pay shipping from Australia?

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    Thank for your response Pm sent

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    I'm very happy to say I've picked up both Vader and Boba Here's what I'm still looking for....

    Steve Thomas

    Cruise the Galaxy
    Kessel Run
    Mos Eisley
    Rebel Transport

    Christian Waggoner

    Stormtrooper small canvas

    Thanks again for all the help

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    Thank you yoda65!

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    Have the following if interested:

    cruise the galaxy
    kessel run
    rebel transport

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    I'm happy to say I now own.....

    Cruise the Galaxy!
    Kessel Run!
    Rebel Transport!

    Thank you bagelboy71!

    Ill post pics once their framed

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