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Thread: ForceCast #243: Spin-off Candidates

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    ForceCast #243: Spin-off Candidates

    "Jovial" Jay Shepard joins us to discuss the rumored candidates for the spin-off films, Erik explains why the original trilogy is all about Boba Fett, we discuss the possibility of Ewan McGregor and John Williams returning, and much more!

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    Show Notes:

    The HoloNet

    Discussion: Spin-off films

    • Boba Fett
    • Han Solo
    • Yoda
    • Obi-Wan
    • Is there anyone else we want to see?

    Fan Focus

    The Comlink

    • Feedback on the first show—is Erik a hater?
    • Gaming
    • IndyCast
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    On the topic of other spin-off movies you would like to see I have a few suggestions. I love the idea of a young Han Solo movie. Maybe a story where he first joins up with Chewbacca. I would love for them to make a live-action Clone Wars movie. It doesn't have to focus on characters from the TV show. Do something like great old World War II movies. For example, Midway, The Great Escape, or Saving Private Ryan. Another awesome movie would be a Darth Vader movie. I just have two words for you here "Jedi Purge."

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    Great to hear "Jovial" Jay on this episode. You guys should keep him around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason73 View Post
    Great to hear "Jovial" Jay on this episode. You guys should keep him around.
    That's the plan!
    Eric Geller

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    Another great show last night. I'd like to see a 501st movie from the perspective of the troopers. How they jostle for positions in Vader's elite squadron and the conflicts they have in their downtime.

    I'm also going to weigh in on the Erik hate points. For me he hit it bang on the nail and it is obvious that both of you are huge fans of Star Wars and are simply having a jovial debate. I don't like the prequels as much as the original trilogy and will criticise their faults (Hayden most of the time, Padme appearing to be in a lot of pain in the sand on AOC then leaping to her feet, awful dialogue at times) and often make jokes about them. Doesn't mean that I don't appreciate them or have any hatred for them. I also don't understand the fascination for Yoda. I appreciate his position in the saga but for me he just isn't an interesting character. Mace Windu is way more interesting and for me could have easily crossed over to the dark side to get a job done, but then had the strength of will to cross back again. The only piece of Yoda which may be interesting as a back story would be his rise through his apprenticeship. His presentation to the council as a potential candidate, could even Yoda be suspected as the chosen one if his midichlorians were so high. Perhaps even Yoda believed so but then something happened to prove otherwise? A fallibility?
    It is blatantly obvious that both Erics want to have a good time, and one of the important ways to do this is to make/keep the show fun. A lot of fans need to lighten up in regards to Star Wars and appreciate other peoples' points of view.

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