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    Selling off some POTF last 17 figures!

    They have outgrown their current cardboard box home and looking for a new home!

    I'm no grader but a long time collector so I've tried to describe condition of the figures as precise as possible but please refer to the pictures and if any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    Either PM or mail me at

    Payment by Paypal gift. Will not hold any items for more than 24 hrs!
    Since I'm such a nice guy I'll split the shipping cost with you potential buyer.
    Shipping world wide is $6 for all loose items under $100
    Shipping is extra for the larger items and I'll have to revert once sold!

    Anakin 1 - Paintwork is good, some tiny spots on his legs! Legs and right arm are tight, left arm slightly loose.

    Anakin 2 - Overall good paintwork, can't see any paint loss, limbs are semi-tight, not loose, but not super tight

    Anakin 3 - Overall good paintwork, can't see any paint loss, limbs are semi-tight, not loose, but not super tight

    Barada 1 - Minor paint loss on front pouch,small dots on hands and backpack, limbs are tight, weapon included
    Barada 2 - Minor paint loss on front pouch, hands and backpack,black mark on right arm(which can be removed), weapon included

    Barada 3 - Paint loss on front pouch,hands and backpack, no weapon

    DSG 1, left shoulder emblem intact, right shoulder emblem paint loss, some paint loss on belt buckle,tight limbs, no weapon

    DSG 2 - Minor paint loss to both shoulder emblems and belt buckle,limbs tight but not super tight,no weapon

    Amanaman - Tight limbs, minor paint loss on left elbow and back legs

    Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper 1- ok figure, minor paint loss on right hand and face, some yellow part, no helmet/weapon

    Yak Face - minor paint loss on right hand and left shoulder,no weapon

    A-wing pilot - rubbed nose, minor paint loss to helmet, tight limbs,no weapon

    Imperial Dignitary - spot on nose, hardly visible, tight limbs

    Han Carbonite - some minor paint loss to his hair and boots, chamber in excellent condition

    Luke Stormtrooper 2 - I rescued this guy from the trash compactor, cleaned him up and gave him a good home!
    Paint loss to his face, and left hand, some yellowing parts, someone has painted the under side of his feet green, might have been the Dianoga giving him a rub!
    No helmet/weapon

    Luke Battle Poncho - Almost mint condition, tiny tiny mark on his left hand,poncho in perfect condition,belt and weapon included

    Lando General - Paint loss to his face and holster, cape in excellent condition,tiny red mark on right leg outside, weapon included

    Amanaman AFA graded 85

    Amanaman AFA graded 85

    Imperial Dignitary AFA graded 80

    R5-D4 AFA graded 80

    R5-D4 AFA graded 80

    R5-D4 AFA graded 85

    Walrusman AFA graded 80

    More items to be added later

    Thanks for looking
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