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Thread: My Carded Collection, Loose to Come

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    My Carded Collection, Loose to Come

    I have been collecting for about 10 years now, only been a serious collector for the last two, ever since my Father gave me some carded POTJ figures. At first I mostly collected loose figures and vehicles but I have been turning towards more of a Carded Collection. My Carded Collection (now about a year old) is comprised mostly of stuff I have purchased from ebay, I have yet to buy one Star Wars item from retail. And now I present to you my small Carded Collection. Sorry if the pics are bad I dont have a very good camera.

    Also I am not one to pay stupid ebay prices on most TVC figures, here is how I got my current first wave figures:

    Star Wars Lot | eBay

    Also I am awaiting these 2 lots in the mail to add to my collection:

    Star Wars The Legacy Collection 2009 Comic Packs Lot Set of 8 | eBay

    Star Wars Action Figures 30th Anniversery Collection Case of Mixed Figures | eBay

    Hope you guys like it, I will post pics of my loose collection once i get everything sorted out.

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    Yeah roughly $20 a piece hurt, but have you seen how much exar kun comic is going for some people pay upwards of $200 for the thing so I bought them for a fairly good price.

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