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Thread: Ebay seller advertises one thing sends another

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    Ebay seller advertises one thing sends another

    HI .. ok so before i put out info on this.. is this the best place to put it ? and also would people appreciate me out a seller?

    basically i recently won an auction where i was bidding for a tri-logo/PBP fett Loose i received the item and the seller sent a HK fett and refuses to refund the money and/or send the correct item.

    now I'm obviously frustrate but i do want make other buyers aware of him.

    i do have pics of the item in question posted by the seller and also the item received..

    so basically is it ok to out a seller who basically does this?

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    From what you're explaining, it sounds like a classic bait and switch, which is a form of fraud. I see no problem posting the details (sticking with the facts) of the situation accompanied with the sellers info as a public service to others.

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    Yeah, you can't advertise a "carded fett" with a picture of a 21 back then send the buyer a 1995 "vintage" Kenner carded Fett. Same exact principal, just stretched a little farther. I'd call Ebay or File a claim for not as described.
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    File a claim immediately before the seller can clean out their Paypal account.
    save all correspondence from them and get a screenshot and save pics of the auction and if what you received.

    I hate scammers.

    they knew what they were doing as they flat out refused to work with you at all. Anonymity makes some feel untouchable. I hope you get them.

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    Get the claim in

    What is the sellers excuse for switching them ?

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    well he said thats what it was.. i sent him one more email with pics and everthing supporting and also opened a case .. so lets see if it can be resolved

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    Leave negative feedback & name the seller here.

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    Post a link to the Ebay auction.
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    Bud ill Pm you. the link

    Quote Originally Posted by SeerDrakon View Post
    Post a link to the Ebay auction.

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    what was sent

    what i thought would be sent

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