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Thread: Stunt Lightsaber????

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    Stunt Lightsaber????

    Hello all, I am Jason and have met a lot of you guys at the Celebrations in Orlando. I'm always with ZVSith, I was a member on here but forgot what named I used.
    Ok, here we go, Ok so I got this off a guy, didn't pay much for it, he didn't know much about what it is. What I see is maybe a stunt lightsaber from one of the Star Wars movies. It has the screw at the top so that they could screw in the wooden rods of different sizes for different fight scenes and velcro so that it would stay in the actors hand..with that said i think it's Vader's saber from the Bespin fight scene in Empire or the battle above Endor with Lukes gloved hand. Since is was a dark scene and the Vader helmet was hard to see out of. The man says he got for a construction job payment about 30 yrs ago...can someone give me some feedback on it please.

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    Looks like fan made ..................
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    Pics are to small. I can't see it.

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    I have to agree - looks fan made. I've never seen that design anywhere for the prequels and the original trilogy used flash tubes (for Luke and Vader) for the main body.

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