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Thread: A year ago today...

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    A year ago today...

    I've just realised that I've been a member of the forum a year now & that it was a year ago today that I came here in search of the elusive Kotobukiya Sandtrooper Sergeant figure, it took me a while to get one (well a few months) & in the end I hunted it down on eBay from a seller in Florida..., since I joined the forum my collection has kind of exploded from a mere handful of high end collectibles to a couple of hundred, I've learnt all kinds of new things & been educated quite well (especially by Sergiu) so thanks for all your help & input over the last year guys & girls, it's been helpful & very much appreciated too...

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    Congrats Kev! Evolution of a collection and a collector is something natural.

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    Congrats Kev. It's been fun having you here. I think the forum was getting a bit sluggish before you joined.

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    Congrats Kev!!!!
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    Happy Anniversary!! Congrats to you my friend, or would you prefer Cheers! lol. I know I haven't been on here nearly as long as some of you but for the time I have been here Kev, you've been one of those people who have been extraordinarily nice to me and helpful (especially with getting me to get new pieces LOL). I hope to learn more from you and other members as my time progresses here. So a Thank You goes out to you as well.
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    I agree Kev is one of the nicest blokes on here.... I havent been around that long but Kev has been a great person since my 1st postings

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    Congrats Kev!!! I agree first friend I made on the boards and has helped me with my collection more times than I can count!!!

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    Kev is a great guy and has an infectious enthusiasm for this hobby.

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    Congrats Kevb0977. It's been fun watching you spend more money in one year on collectibles than I have spent in 5.

    I hope to visit you in your fancy English Castle of Collectibles sometime in the future
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    I'd love to live in a castle..., I'd have plenty of collectibles rooms then, if fact I could probably have 1 room per film. lol
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