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Thread: Borderlands 2 blue Claptrap figure

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    Borderlands 2 blue Claptrap figure

    spotted the new blue Claptrap at a local TRU today. apparently it's a limited run, so if you're interested, you may want to snag it if you see it!

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    I saw it too. Already have the yellow and am not sure a repaint is worth $16. But I generally DO like the blue color better and the whole rareness factor makes me wanna snap up a couple...
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    As if the regular Claptrap wasn't limited enough - that sucker didn't stay on the pegs around here long at all! Local TRU would get a case and the clatptraps would be gone within an hour or two.

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    I would freaking love a Claptrap in 3 3/4" scale....
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