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Thread: Bungie's Destiny

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    Not sure about this one, love bungie but need to see more

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    Sounds like Halo by another name.
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    I wonder if this series will be an X-Box exclusive or if they'll make a deal with Sony. Either way I really enjoy the design of Bungie's games and this looks really neat.
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    I won't be buying this game as it requires a constant internet connection to play............totally lame imo!
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    And it will not be out in '13! Next Gen here it comes. Nice reveal but they could've waited. With all thats coming out this year plus the hopeful launches of PS4 and Xbox 720, Destiny will be forgotten for a while, but looks very ambitious. Ill probably give it a chance...

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    10 characters.

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    I swear Ive seen some of those weapons in "the making of" videos for the Halo series... so mabey they are taking some of the weapons that did not make it into Halo and put it in here... well see how things pan out.. I dont like the always online thing but again... well see.

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    This whole online thing makes it sound like there'll be no Campaign.

    I'll pass then if thats the case.
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    Yeah I agree.
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