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Thread: Thank you Hasbro! Finally you made me happy!

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    Thank you Hasbro! Finally you made me happy!


    Something i can buy multiple off and just go banana over!

    This is what I am talkin about!

    Credits to original picture owners.

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    Here is what i had posted a while ago.

    only missing this one now!

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    Funny how you are always complaining about Hasbro...
    The lowest day in their history to me is the day you thank them..

    kinda funny to me

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    Are they re-releasing all this stuff or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krayt View Post
    Funny how you are always complaining about Hasbro...
    The lowest day in their history to me is the day you thank them..

    kinda funny to me
    Eh, maybe it's a low day for you and your specific collecting interests; but many fans are excited about Hasbro's new offerings.

    I didn't expect the 6" line to win me over at all, but I kept an open mind and ended up being blown away by what was shown. I'm glad that Budspencer feels the same way.

    So maybe you should just stop feeling sorry for yourself and get over it. Hobbies should be enjoyable. If your enjoyment is completely dependent on what Hasbro offers, then you will never enjoy your hobby. If Hasbro's not making what you want, then move on to something else.

    All this moping around the forums and whining about how you're not getting your way really accomplishes nothing.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReallyMe View Post
    Are they re-releasing all this stuff or something?
    -These are all new products revealed at Toy Fair. The Sandtrooper and R2-D2 are 6-inch figures, I believe the rest are exclusive vehicles in Vintage packaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krayt View Post
    Funny how you are always complaining about Hasbro...
    The lowest day in their history to me is the day you thank them..

    kinda funny to me
    I complain about Hasbro so that they give me their best! I feel that if Hasbro wants to sell me something it should always be of high quality and not a subpar product. If i am one of the minority here that can cry loud enough to make my voice heard by Hasbro then so be it. You don’t have to like the way i do it. But i am not going to sit around like a mindless sheep ( and no i am not saying that anyone here reading this is one ) and be fed whatever a company wants to feed me when i know that they can serve me exactly what i want or a better product for my taste. I would not accept any compromise because i am a consumer of Hasbro product i am also entitled to criticize them or congratulate them as a consumer.

    If i feel that i got exactly what i wanted then i will go out of my way to tell them that they did a good job. Which i just did here.

    I am TVC hardcore and they have given me hope for 3 very desirable ships that i never possessed when i was young. So to me getting the Slave 1 and Tie Interceptor is going to be a big highlight in my collection since i never got one. So this way i get them MIB at a decent price and i get my memories i never got when i was young.

    I got an original x-wing in its box and i was waiting for the TVC version and like said in another thread i will buy a bunch of them. Whether my GF likes it or not. I will have multiple copies. Investment copies, an opener and display pieces...

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    I forgot to ad that the 6 Inches line looks promising. Black series 3.75" and the other offerings, meh to me but at least i got some stuff i ll be glad to give Hasbro money for...

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    Bud I am happy you are getting ships you want
    Personally, I think it's a sad day for Hasbro just because I don't have faith that Hasbro seems to care as much about Star Wars as they may have once had. To me and others who have voiced their displeasure with yesterday seems to be that Hasbro is mailing it in these days. The 6" line while may seem nice to some, is too little too late in my opinion. Most of us have been dedicated to the 3 3/4 line and don't have the money or space to start collecting a whole new line of a different size. If Hasbro wanted to start this line, then they should have started it when they started Marvel Legends. 12" line just looks absolutely horrible. Saga legends going to 5 POA, to me seems like a novelty and doesn't have staying power of a line. Black series 3 3/4 line, well I think that Hasbro is slowly pulling away from it and wants to gradually make it less important.

    Barada, well I am not even going to bother with what you have to say

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    o make you understand my own mindset here is a little background.

    I am old enough to say that i was 6 years old when the original movie came out so you can see how old i am. I had a few star wars toys when i was young. The biggest load of toys i got was from my cousins when my grandma came to visit us she brought to us a boxful of star wars toys they did not play with anymore and i swear to god that there was a vinyl cape Jawa in the lot and that i played with. I also bought some ROTJ and ESB stuff in the 80’s but i did not go ***** out sadly. I remember seeing pegs upon pegs of ROTJ cards at the local woolworth but i was in comics at that time so i spent my money on comics instead. I just want to bang my head now for this mistake. Id be rich by now.

    Time passed and POTF came out and i was excited. I got a lot of the carded toys and the falcon, landspeeder , tie fighter, x-wing and vader’s ship. but i stopped collecting soon after because while they were star wars toys, they did not ignite my memories of the past.

    time passed....
    I did not collect any star wars toys until a few years ago when i was on a business trip and went to a Rossy store and saw some weird Star wars cards. It was the beginning of the TVC line. I was intrigued by the looks of the cards, it was love at first sight!. I bought a Bespin Luke and a Vader and never looked back since. I have been collecting TVC because they remind me of the fun 80’s i had. I never collected any previous line before TVC so my knowledge is limited and that is why i would rarely complain on other forums about other line because i have zero knowledge on them, I don’t own any so i cannot complain any.. I did fall a bit in other recent lines because I have read the forums here and checked the toys out but will not really get into anything unless i found something on deep special that happened locally. Like the orange shadow cards saga legends. I like these cards a lot and got a lot of them. The cards are great and the toys inside looks great too. I also got some of the blue shadow cards for clone wars But i am not sure if i would try to get all of them. Maybe later.
    Now back to the present:
    I don't agree with everything with what Hasbro is doing either. They are listening to fans but not enough. They are catering to what the stores seem to be saying to them and leaving collectors a bit behind. Aside from the TVC stuff i have seen not much else interest me other than the 6 inch line. Its looks amazing but i think the packaging lacks punch terribly. It’s just going to get lost on the store shelf because people won’t easily spot it. The 6 inch line stands more of a chance but the 3.75" cards are probably going to flop. The first few waves might interest some people but after a while people are just going to see that this line is probably mostly kit bashes , repaint and some new sculpts but nothing that has not been seen before. Like everyone is saying, who wants another Vader or Anakin?

    The danger here is if the 6 inch line is successful Hasbro might drop the smaller figure altogether and that would create a dangerous precedent. But with the high price they are asking i am sure it is not going to fly off the shelf after a few waves are done gone to the stores. All they need is to have a bad wave or distribution problems and i can see this line flop. The other kiddie packaging are colorful and somewhat attractive but not my cup of tea but are better than the dull black series. I almost wish now that BAD 2 had not been cancelled in favor of this whole back in black thing. Hopefully this concept will be short lived and Hasbro can move to other packaging gimmick live my dear TVC.
    The Vader i saw does not light any spark of interest in me at all. He just looks like some extra inventory that they decided to stick on a card.
    And to be honest i am collecting real vintage Kenner stuff and with the ships coming out this year. I am sure that even if i don’t collect the 3.75” line my budget is going to be stretched to the max. I am sure that a lot of people are going to like most of this. But Hasbro is just reinventing the wheel year after year. The only thing that changes is that Hasbro is getting better with the sculpts. At some point Hasbro won’t be able to produce anything better than what they have and people will get fed up of the different packaging. I guess they will try to milk the cow as much as they can until the new trilogy starts and then we will get another 12 figures of the same character over again.
    I am probably going to stop buying Hasbro Star Wars stuff after TVC is really done. Ill buy the new movies stuff but i won’t rebuy another Vader on a blue, pink, yellow, back in purple, or whatever gimmick card they have at that point. TVC will have been enough as long as it is completed.

    But for now, on this toy fair, they have done good on TVC. Ill let the other enjoy their favorite line and still complain as time flies by...

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