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Thread: AT-ST figure variant?

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    AT-ST figure variant?

    I bought 2 packs of the K-Mart AT-ST gunner/driver and one of the 4 figures had something on his left wirst that the other 3 didn't. Has anyone else found a figure like this? And just for fun here are some of my repaints. I'm not very good but I like what I did. The scouts are Imperial pathfinders with native scout, the Knights have a native squire with them, and yes he has a blue saber but it was all I had.

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    If you are talking about the black square with silver squares on the left forearm, you have part of the arm on the other guy turned around backwards. It should be on the other side of it. Both my guys have it on the left forearm.
    There is a swivel at the elbow and another at the top of the glove. You have that middle arm piece turned around the wrong way. That's why the elbow hinge shows so much on the left arm.
    The same goes for your figure with the black square. His right arm has this middle forearm rotated backwards, because you can see that elbow hinge as well.
    The way you have those two gun arms, they should bend backwards at the elbow, proving you have that arm part turned backwards.
    The gloved hand may be facing properly, but from the elbow to the glove is backwards, on the two outermost arms in the pic.
    The two inner arms on the two guys are rotated properly and don't show the elbow hinge.
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