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Thread: FS: Complete Loose Figs, Vehicle(OLD Please lock)

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    FS: Complete Loose Figs, Vehicle(OLD Please lock)

    Click on pictures to enlarge them. All parts weapons and accessories are original, if I make a mistake and you get a repo I will make it right, again I believe everything is 100% legit

    How I sell:
    Selling large amounts like this has lead me to the following guidelines

    1. Sorry but I don't hold things for people.

    2. I sell to the first person I make a deal with. We have a deal when you receive my paypal address, if you do not have my paypal, then we dont have a deal. Once you get my paypal I consider it sold and will mark it pending. Payment is expected within 48 hrs, unless you let me know otherwise.

    3. Posting on the thread saying you want something does not reserve it for you. We dont have a deal unless you have my paypal address.

    I normally get packages out within 3 days after payment. I will let you know when it ships
    Shipping is extra, and I am happy to ship overseas. I can take gift payments or you can pay the fees.

    I have been selling here for a long time and 99% of everyone here is great to work with and I have no problems. There is 1% that have felt slighted in the past which is why I write the above.


    Loose Complete Figures- All original weapons 100% Guarantee, C-8 or better

    Star Wars Figures
    C-3PO $8 ea
    Chewbacca $8 ea
    Death Star Commander $10
    R5-D4 $10 ea
    ESB Figures
    At At Commander $8
    At At Driver $10
    Bespin Guard Black $8 ea
    Bossk $8
    Cloud Car Pilot (no communicator) $6
    Dengar $6ea
    Ugnaught $10 ea
    ROTJ Figures
    8D8 $6 ea
    Bib Fortuna $6 ea
    Chief Chirpa $8
    Endor Rebel soldier $10
    Gamorrean Guard $8 ea
    Klaatu $6 ea
    Klaatu (Skiff) $8 ea
    Logray $8 ea
    Weequay $6 ea
    POTF Figures
    Anakin Skywalker $12
    Luke Poncho (Incomplete) $12
    Max Rebo Band Set No accessories $10 ea


    AT-AT- Complete $70
    Imperial Shuttle-complete (3 pics 1 shuttle) $60
    Imperial Attack base Complete $15
    MTV-7 complete $8

    Incomplete or broken

    Millenium Falcon -Incomplete ask for specifics (2 pics of each) #2 $40
    Death Star (no ropes) some broken parts ask for specific (3 pics each) #1 $50, #2 $40
    Ewok Catapult-missing boulder & hook $6
    Speederbike- Missing 1 flap $8
    Jabba $8 ea
    Tuan Taun No saddle and Reins $5
    Taun Taun Saddle $8 ea
    Taun Taun Saddle and Reins Broken 1 SOLD $10 ea
    Taun Taun open belly Saddle and Reins Broken $12
    Mini Rigs- missing or broken pieces $5 ea

    12 Inch Figures and Accessories

    Zem-21 MISB $50 obo
    Luke $5 #1 SOLD
    IG-88- damged hands SOLD
    Stormtrooper- melt marks SOLD
    Luke no arms $3
    Fett Bad hand SOLD
    Luke Shirt $5
    Luke Boots SOLD
    Luke Lightsaber SOLD


    Vader Case $10
    SW Cases $15ea
    Esb Case SOLD
    Playset Bases $5 ea
    Coins- Ewok Scout, Ewok shaman, Joben, Imperial Gun, Luke Endor $5 ea
    Instructions- Display arena SOLD $8 ea
    $1.00 Off Sweepstakes $5
    SW Catalog-X-wing SOLD
    SW Catalog-Death Star SOLD
    SW Refund Catalog $5
    ESB Catalog Silver $3
    ESB Catalog Yoda and Luke $5
    ESB Catalog Logo $8
    ROTJ Catalog Jabba $3
    ROTJ Catalog ERG $3
    Card Set
    Sugar Free Gum WrappersDie

    PARTS Prices are on Pictures
    SW Parts

    X-wing Guns 4 for SOLD
    Droid parts lot SOLD

    Both vader wings for $5 SOLD
    Falcon Canopies SOLD
    X-wing Canopy SOLD
    Vader WingsSOLD
    Everything else $5 ea

    Both Land of jawas $4
    Cantina Door and frame $4 SOLD
    Falcon Chairs $4 ea SOLD
    Falcon Landing Gear $3 per pair
    Falcon Struts 1 broken $3 for pair SOLD

    Falcon Top Gun broken pegs but still holds together $3

    All TIe Fighter pieces
    Falcon Ramps SOLD
    x-wing cannons SOLD
    Falcon Dishes SOLD
    All other parts are each pricing

    Prices are each
    Trash Compactor SOLD
    Trash Monster SOLD

    Both Bottom parts for $5

    Price are each
    Panel SOLD

    Shell is $2
    Pairs of holders are $2
    Doors are $3 for the pair SOLD
    Other parts $3 ea

    ESB Parts

    Both Side Guns $5SOLD
    Chin Gun SOLD
    Both Snowspeeder guns $5 per pair

    All Tri pod parts $4
    Slave 1 guns $3 for pair
    At st side guns $3 for pair
    Snowspeeder side parts $3 per pair
    Snowspeeder back parts $3 per pair SOLD
    Slave 1 Canopy SOLD

    All prices each
    Hatch SOLD
    AT-ST bottom
    Dagobah Boxes SOLD

    ROTJ Parts

    Y-wing Front guns $5 for pair SOLD
    Y-wing Front strut part $5 for Pair
    Y-wing back Strut par $5 per pair
    Y-wing long Struts 4 for $5 SOLD
    B-wing Canopis SOLD

    B-wing wing pair for $3 SOLD x2

    Prices each
    Speederbike $2 SOLD
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    PM sent........

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    I believe all PM's are sent. List is current


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    Thanks Todd, looking forward to completing a few of my vehicles!

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    hey bud, emailed you last night about a few things, get back at me when you get a chance, I can paypal you right away.
    please check out my "child of the 80's" related art I do, please visit my blog @ I have quite a few star wars fan art posters that I am willing to trade for figures or star wars items, and I am also available to do custom artwork to hang in your star wars dens. - Mark

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    List is current, price drop on some things. All pms returned.

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