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Thread: What are you collecting at the moment?

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    Lightbulb What are you collecting at the moment?

    Since the Legacy line has been canned and new figures wont be out till the end of the year, what's everyone collecting at the moment to pass the time?

    Who's picking up a few missed items? Saving money? Moved into a different focus?

    Let's hear what your doing now that Hasbro has screwed up.

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    Late last year I cut most of my collecting habits; now I'm strictly on Sith Lords, Mandalorians and Bounty Hunters. So for the time being, until Hasbro brings out some new stuff that appeals to me, my money is being used on other stuff, like adding to my Game Informer collection or buying owl stuff.
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    I've been picking up a few older figures for customs, but mostly saving some money up.

    Will be picking up some of the GI Joe Retaliation figures when they start hitting and still have my Masters of the Universe Classics subscriptions. Considering picking up a few Sideshow Star Wars figures to display alongside my limited collection of Sideshow Joes.
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    I'm not really sure what I'll do. Probably just enjoy spending less money. Right now I'm bidding on a Mustafar playset on ebay so I guess if that's any indicator I will be filling holes in my collection or getting items that in the past I haven't had much desire in and now decide would be good for my collection.
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    Army-building Saga AT-AT Drivers and vintage-style Snowtroopers... on a very casual basis.

    There's really nothing on the pegs at stores that interests me. If I find any Gammorrean Guards I'll buy them to flesh out Jabba's Palace, and will buy any Imperial Navy Commanders I find, but that's probably it.

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    I'm collecting very little these days, and couldn't be happier about this The two big lines I've been collecting are SW & G.I. Joe: ARAH 30th Anniversary/Renegades, and since both of these lines have stopped there's not much out there that interests me.

    That being said, I'll definitely be getting NECA's Aliens line when that's released, and maybe some more in their Prometheus line, but that's about it for now....

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    Right now I need tru exclusive speeder bike, VC ERG Republic Trooper and TCW Savage/Maul bp. I've started collecting Predator figs.

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    I've been acquiring a few Irwin and Bandai DBZ figures.
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    SW Lego!!!!
    Tarkin and Starkiller still though if I can find them cheap

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    Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, Tie Pilots, and Death Star Gunners. Army building...
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