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Thread: Still waiting for the digital release of Droids & Ewoks

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    Exclamation Still waiting for the digital release of Droids & Ewoks

    I'm still waiting for the digital release of the Droids & Ewoks cartoons on - last year they mentioned that it was something they were looking into - lets have it. How about streaming all the episodes from both series and have them available for download - or put the complete seasons on Blu Ray / DVD so we can buy them already.

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    Agree 110%.. these shows (at the time I was a 12) were just about all there was for SW back then, other then the Ewok movies, which are and have been available. Droids was my first real dose (other than Marvel) of SW Easter eggs, and really fun & interesting linkage to the films. All the passing mentions of characters, locations, cameos, the architecture and ship designs, some heavyweight input like Ben Burtt, Daniels, and it really felt true to the OT. Ewoks were a li'l different, but it was still lotsa fun seeing all kinds of indigenous beasts from Endor, Morag, Duloks, etc.. These shows are sorely neglected, and I find myself scanning thru my DVD bootlegs & VHS sampler compilations more than my TCW season sets. They must be released officially, it's puzzling why they're not, plus there's really not alotta actual running time when you combine all the episodes, promos, Great Heep,etc. it could be squeezed on minimal physical BD/or DVD disc space, plus even easier for those interested as downloads.
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    I am still waiting for these... I wanted to sit around with my neice and watch Ewoks. She is a huge Ewok fan but has never seen the original Ewok cartoons. So come on and get these out already. I want to show her something from my childhood

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    Yeah, I'd love to be able to finally have these in their entirety. The compilation disks only served to whet my appetite, not satisfy it. These shows are so much fun, and I hope they get them available to watch really soon.

    Maybe if someone that reads these boards end up at Celebration Europe, they can peg some of the staff about it again if they run into them.

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    I agree, let's have 'em already! I would buy these in a heartbeat.

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    While I'm not sure 500 people would make a strong case for them go to the expense to release on Blu-Ray, I would definitely buy them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    While I'm not sure 500 people would make a strong case for them go to the expense to release on Blu-Ray, I would definitely buy them!
    Well if you combine all the votes that want a Blu Ray / DVD or didnt specify, its 782 - thats pretty decent for one website, that ran this for a short period. Disney / LFL should run their own poll - I have no doubt that a survey run on would bring in thousands of votes.

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    I remember this announcement also. I think LFL forgot about this project. I would buy Droids in a heartbeat. Just for the Boba Fett episode. I head that episode was 'lost' but I'm sure LFL has a good library and they're all in storage somewhere.
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    While we're at it, we really need a Blu-Ray box set of Genndy Tartakovsky's original 2003-05 Clone Wars series.

    Just put both the all three seasons (two hour-long films each) in crisp 1080p on one disc and include all the extras that came with both DVD releases in standard definition.

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