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Thread: Echo_Six's trade thread

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    Echo_Six's trade thread

    Wants, loose preferred. Don't need BAD pieces or other pack-ins.

    - TAC Evolutions Jedi Master Luke
    - TAC General McQuarrie -- NEW
    - TAC Zev Senesca -- PENDING
    - TVC Endor Rebel commandos x how many ya got? -- Black or white, dynamite. Need bodies for fodder. Heads/accessories not important.
    -- TLC/TVC Bespin Wing Guards x how many ya got? -- Either version okay; don't need accessories.
    - TBS Stormtrooper from TRU Endor battle pack
    - Saga R3-Y2 (EE pack)
    - CW Turbo Tank Support Squad main gun -- NEED 1 (Don't need the clones or personal weapons)
    - A couple of Disney BADs:

    Non- Star Wars wants (Don't need any C&C pieces where applicable):

    - DC Universe Beast Boy (don't need eagle pack-in)
    - Still looking for a Green Lantern Movie Masters Hector Hammond w/ BAF piece. (Look... I'm not proud of it, okay?)


    TBS 3.75 Scariff Stormtrooper Squad Leader ***SEVERAL AVAILABLE***

    Jabba's skiff guard (Sgt. Doallyn) loose & complete

    TAC Master Sev

    TBS Carbonite Han slab, loose

    - FA4 (one FA4 and both TC-70s traded)

    - TVC Bespin Han

    - TVC Mon Cal pilot

    - TVC Bariss Offee

    - OTC Myo (good card)

    TLC "Hoth Recon Patrol" battlepack probot

    5 POA Darth Vader from new TLJ probot set

    Misc. heads

    - TAC Gree, TAC Bacara, TCW Republic Assault Shuttle pilot, TCW ARF trooper (from CW AT-RT)

    - Tauntaun from "Hoth Patrol" BP
    - Muftak -- TRADED

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    PM sent...
    " Though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays ".
    - Sun Tzu - The Art of War
    Trade Feedback

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    Bumped for pending trades and continuously evolving wants list.

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