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Thread: Rebel force Radio

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    Rebel force Radio

    Jimmy and Jason go it alone -
    TheForce.Net - Latest News - Jason And Jimmy And ForceCast

    Having been a long time listener to TFC, Jedi Journals, Curto Burns and also SWCA cast and Swan...

    I want to be the first to wish Jimmy and Jason with their Future projects.

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    The ForceCast now independently produced "Rebel Force Radio"

    This huge news can be found on the homepage of both TFN and Rebelscum. I'm not really sure how I feel about this...great for Jason and Jimmy to be going independent, but why can't it still be called "ForceCast"?

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    I'm sure it will be awesome. Looking forward to it. Especially because I've been so behind on all the latest news.
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    Don't panic folks you'll still be able to find all the old shows on, and also be able to listen to Jay and Chris - but if you want your regular taste of Jimmy and Jason 'Rebel Force Radio' will be where to go from now on.

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    As one of the first listener's and having participated a few times on the show back when Pete was still on board, I'm always going to be a loyal supporter of the show for Jason & Jimmy. They put a tremendous amount of effort into the show, and they deserve the opportunity to call something their own. I wish them the best of luck, and I will definitely be listening!

    I have become friends with many good folks on these boards because of listening to the show, and hope we can all continue to be connected to one another through Star Wars!
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    Exciting news this is.

    I've been having great fun listening to the FC (since the Jason & Pete era)
    Good luck to RFR, may they succeed in providing great info during what promises to be a period choke full of information, rumors, heated opinions ...
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    Thank goodness Jason and Jimmy are still podcasting about Star Wars together. When I first saw the ambiguous announcement on Twitter my heart sank, I thought the Forcecast and Jason and Jimmy were done. I was so relieved to hear that we'll still have a Star Wars podcast featuring Jason and Jimmy. Best of luck to them both with RebelForce Radio! It's a new era and I'm excited to be able to look on from the very beginning. And hey, if The Forcecast will eventually continue with new hosts, that just means more SW podcasting for all of us! Although I wonder what was the reason for the split...I guess I just hope it was all on good terms.

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    I've been a listener from the beginning and I have seen the show grow into something great! I hate to see the change because change is hard. I am definitely looking forward to what is coming though. I just hope that they keep it a family friendly show. I feel that the vibe has changed a bit since Celebration VI and I don't want it to go to the dark side. I'm sure they will still produce a great show!

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    Only minor criticism i have so far is Paul's logo. I'm a professorial graphic designer and I think his logo is creative and great but there is one thing about it that seriously bugs the crap out of me about it. Its the use of the rebel insignia twice in the text of the show name. Its unnecessary, repetitive, and unpleasing to the eye to see it twice like that right next to itself. The "O" in radio would look much better as just the standard "O" without the insignia drop in. Having it the way it is just screams "FONT" and not professorial designed text.
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    Website is down. I suspect they are just getting the site ready for its full launch. I hope it gets back up soon.

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