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Thread: Episode 7 toys !!! What do you want them to look like ??? cards - figures - bubbles ?

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    Episode 7 toys !!! What do you want them to look like ??? cards - figures - bubbles ?

    Was starting to wonder ( even without characters, etc..) about what the episode 7 line will look like...
    I'm curious as to what others want to see as well...

    Things I want to see:
    1.) Stick with standard cards - as in vintage style...punch tabs and kept classic looking. Although I like variety and wouldn't mind something unique ( for star wars ) like say ep.3 was...but maybe keep that for ep.8 or 9

    2.) Standard bubbles on the left as opposed to say ep. 1 which were on the right and huge with the comm. tech chips.

    3.) picture variations on cards for key minor head shot with some common background for all the dif. figures...ala ep.1 again

    4.) Don't leave out sweet looking characters ! Sure eventually most all are produced, but there is always someone I'm mad they didn't make for the original carded release.

    5.) Leave offers to the back of the cards...please...I like them on my vintage moc's and that is it.

    what do you all want to see ???
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    New movies need their own design, and their own identity.

    They shouldn't be on vintage cards just for the sake of vintage cards. I want to see original designs for each movie.

    The prequel designs were appropriate for their era. Let 2015 be 2015, not 1978.

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    Despite how much I love the TVC cards, I agree that Ep7 needs to be allowed to establish it's own identity in the toy aisle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pohatu771 View Post
    The prequel designs were appropriate for their era. Let 2015 be 2015, not 1978.
    Having EP7 figures on Vintage cards will take away the appeal and love of the Vintage style look.

    Hasbro would most likely only get a few reference pictures of characters from the new movie anyways to start off with. I'd rather not see many "photo shot" images on the cards, but rather movie still images with backgrounds etc.

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    I think the new line should have new card designs. Bigger bubbles for more accessories would be nice. I think photos should be something unique, like character specific 3D scenery type backgrounds instead of those clear plastic holders. That's my idea.

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    Vintage style doesn't bother me. I still like it for nostalgic reasons, even on PT figures. But agree they can sometimes limit accessory space.

    But what I really want is that the figures are easily identifiable. I don't like what they did with the Darth Maul packaging with his face on the corner of each pack as it makes it very hard to see what actual figure it is at retail while hanging on the pegs.
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    I expect we'll see a ton of two-packs featuring young and old versions of characters.
    Maybe even Evolutions will make a comeback?
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    I would like to see new packaging - preferably with large bubbles and large accessories with some of the figures. I hope there is a good mix between the main characters and obscure backgrounders (it's always cool getting cool looking characters you know little about in the early days of a movie line...). The background behind the figure would be cool as an image from that section of the movie - sort of how the OTC cardbacks were, maybe. Let the movie have it's own identity, though. I just hope the character selection isn't as limited as Hasbro's other recent movie lines which have been extremely thin on choices. (I know Star Wars is a different beast, but...) And one more thing: This is probably asking for too much, but please NO action features!

    Then - Maybe the following Christmas season, do a limited run (maybe even as an exclusive) of vintage cards - ONLY the main characters and maybe one or two interesting backgrounders. That way, the vintage collection carded collectors have a few E7 figures to go along with 1-6, CW, and EU. This subline could even wait until E9 has come and gone and be a selection from each of the sequels.
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    Other than agreeing with those who have stated that VII should have its own identity I hope that there is no unnecessary packaging such as large plastic bubbles. I do feel guilty at times and think about all that wasted cardboard/plastic.
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    Vintage cards and super articulation, of course.
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