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Thread: OT: 21103 Back to the Future Time Machine

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    OT: 21103 Back to the Future Time Machine

    Taken from the Lego Cuusoo blog.

    21103 Back to the Future™ Time MachineIt is with great pleasure we reveal that the next LEGO CUUSOO set will be the Back to the Future Time Machine, based upon the LEGO CUUSOO project by m.togami and Sakuretsu. As one of the earliest projects on the site’s global open beta, headlines of a potential Back to the Future LEGO set was seen on popular sites including Gizmodo and Brothers Brick, helping LEGO CUUSOO gain massive appeal.

    The final product is still in development in coordination with our license partner, Universal Partnerships & Licensing. We'll show the final model and you’ll be able to order your own copy when it becomes available in mid-2013 (exact dates and pricing to be determined).

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    That's cool. I'm glad this is getting made. Hopefully it's a nice set.

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    Can't wait for this. Love the Back to the Future movies!

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    "Amazing" doesn't even begin to describe this! I couldn't believe when I read the news this morning. Can't WAIT for this thing to be made!!!

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    Nice. Marty and Doc minifigs? Yes?
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    My 2nd favorite movie series from when I was a kid so I am super excited about this one. I cant wait to see what the finished model will look like and what minifigs it will come with. Will it come with pieces to mod it to all 3 versions? Time will tell...

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    I already have BttF Kubricks and Minimates so I might as well add some Lego to the mix.

    I would like to see 1 Delorean with pieces to make all 3 but that wouldn't make sense if they're making mini figs to coincide with all 3 movies.

    What I WOULD kill for would be a Clock Tower playset from 1. I've drooled over the thought of that for YEARS.
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    My nerdy little heart is crushed and devastated that the Zelda Legos aren't being made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Dork View Post
    My nerdy little heart is crushed and devastated that the Zelda Legos aren't being made.
    I figured that one wasn't going to make the cut. I believe Knex has the license for Nintendo at the moment.

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    I sincerely hope that LEGO makes a Crispen Glover minifigure.

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