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Thread: HOT TOYS DX 12 "The Dark Knight Rises" Batman - Bruce Wayne"

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    HOT TOYS DX 12 "The Dark Knight Rises" Batman - Bruce Wayne"

    Just got this's my first Hot Toys "Batman" figure....

    ....and I'm extremely impressed!

    I wanted a least one good figure of the Nolan-version of the Dark Knight and this one's a good one! I've read alot of folks complaining about this figure...not being "accurate" or having other "issues", but I'm pleased to say that other than struggling a bit with the cape, I think this figure looks damned fine...comes with really well-crafted accessories, a great stand (with lights) and features several display options with the PERS eyes (my first figure with this feature - works good!)and the interchangeable face plates. It's fairly flexible (but does have it's limits considering the costume)nd stands well in a variety of poses (but I wouldn't leave it unattended without the stand). The Bruce Wayne sculpt is also really well done.

    The cost almost scared me away, but I'm glad I got it. Now I'm tempted to go for the new Joker coming up soon...

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    congrats. I need to get that one myself soon.
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    A few close-ups. Great figure. Looking forward to Catwoman!

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    As always...I love their stuff. I have TDK DX Batman...but wasn't able to afford Joker. Maybe I'll go after the 2.0 vers.

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    Great pics!!! Looks like mine will arrive on Thursday. Can't wait.

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    Im waiting my DX12. I really cant wait.

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    great shots, Marduk!

    Here's another one from me in brighter(but not to is the Dark Knight, after all) light...

    This figure is one of the highlights of the year for me...

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    I love the steps with the logo etched in.

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    Brilliant shot it.

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    My Batman shipped yesterday .

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