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Thread: Sideshow's 1:6 Scale "Big Slowdown"... or is it a "Halt!"

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    Sideshow's 1:6 Scale "Big Slowdown"... or is it a "Halt!"

    Has anybody read or heard anything as to why SSC has no 1:6 scale offerings beyond February 2013? It appears there's nothing past the Snowtrooper & E-Web Cannon. I find this to be very odd and highly concerning for collectors of this line, which has consistently been revealing a new figure every 6-8 weeks, until now.

    It's obvious the line has lost significant traction. While 2012 welcomed some great pieces, nothing is selling out anynore. Remember the days when we did the Friday PPOs figures sold out in less than 10 minutes?

    Other than the exclusive IG-88 and Boba Fett, I don't think any other 1:6 scale offering this year has sold out.
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    I thought they were doing another Vader? I think the problem is the cost. When they first started the line, they were what like 60.00 on average. Now they average what 135.00, and more in demand charters like fett are 179.00. This doesn't just apply to star wars figures, gi joe figures are in the same boat. I mean a major blood pre- order is 174.00, when they first started they were like 70.00.

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    its bitter sweet. i thought we would see more during comic con and their spooktacular extravaganza... i think the vader was announced during that time. everything has been boring. but at the same time my wallet still appreciates it. i wonder if sideshow will eventually go the way of requiring deposits for their items? i've notice that some hot toys requires a non refundable deposit.

    i'm still wishing sideshow does the 1/6 landspeeder.
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    Two words....HOT TOYS!!!ever since I bought my first HT last year with Spider-Man, I was hooked. 28 pieces later, I've sold most of my SS figures and even PF to help fund other HT figures. There's no comparison between SS and HT. while SS figs are getting better, the prices are increasing and just doesn't match the quality IMHO. When it comes to 1:6, for me, SS isn't in the picture.

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    I agee with you there. They can not compete with hot toys, especially with human sculpts.

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    I just wanna see that Grievous make it out yet!
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    I collect gentle giant and that isn't selling out either. Maybe the economy has forced sideshow to slow down their production. It is tough when everything is priced at $135 or higher.

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    I'm pretty sure the new Vader will turn up soon, had word of it from the retailer I buy a lot of collectibles from & I was under the impression that Grievous would finally be making an appearance soon OR am I mistaken??? I believe we'll see a few more clones next year too as there are lots of those they could still make & they are always a money earner for Sideshow..., the second Captain Rex for example, has been in the works a while now so he will turn up before too long I'd have thought (phase 2 version).
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    I think there probably is something to them having so much still in stock and maybe they are slowing down until they've sold through some of the backlog. Personally, between the stuff I've picked-up and the DX10 and 13 (Terminator T-800 undamaged and battle damaged), I don't mind a lull. I really have no worries about the line dying, though. Just don't think that will be a problem.
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    Sounds about right, just as I get into something they slow down production on them, I hope that this is just a slow down due to the economy and not the end of the line, but its a good thing on my wallet if they only release a few a year as it lets me keep up with them.

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