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Thread: Smuggler's Gambit

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    Smuggler's Gambit

    Finally got a chance to listen to the show. Freakin' awesome. Great work by everyone involved. I'd love to see someone make an animated short out of it.

    My main reason for posting this is i'd like to know if there is anywhere to see Paul Bateman's artwork that is in a resolution higher than a postage stamp.

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    I'd like to see that too!

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    Smuggler's Gambit

    Hey Darth_Engelhast So pleased you're interested in seeing the Smuggler's art - if you search over at Facebook we now have a Smuggler's Gambit Facebook page, where most of the art done for the project is up for you to view. You can also find links to much of it via my page or Kyles. Thanks for being interested in checking it out folks.

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