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Thread: Had to write a story for BIO preNursing tell me what you think thanks. Ramifications

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    Had to write a story for BIO preNursing tell me what you think thanks. Ramifications

    Doctor Staten, Chief Medical Officer for the newly formed Galactic Empire, frequently enjoys quiet evenings at his mistresses’ lodging. Which was unsuspectingly interrupted by a hologram message from the self appointed Emperor’s top aid. The executive order demanded an immediate departure from any and all current activities with directions to secrete entrances and backdoor ways to the planet’s capital at 500 Republica. The end of the message specifically suggested that any failure to carry out such orders or any information contained within the message were to be told to any individuals not involved would risk the displeasure of the Emperor. Such are the ramifications of taking a high position within the Chancellor’s governing cabinet, a Chancellor that managed to take complete control of the military and eventually declared himself Emperor of the Galaxy. Doctor Staten, long ago caught the attention of the then Chancellor Palpatine via his notes on human enhancement of both the Muscular and Nervous systems. It has been established for several millennia that the Human Nervous System is responsible for most of the major functions of the human body. Consisting of the brain, spinal cord and a complex road way of nerves containing information gathering dendrites and information carrying axons, these parts of the human Nervous System receives and responds to sensory information while also regulating body organ functions. Broken down into several parts, the Central Nervous System consists of the brain and the spinal cord. The spinal cord receives information by a bundle of nerve fibers traveling into two distinct directions within the human body; ascending nerve tracts carry information to the brain, while descending tracts send the orders of response to the human body. The human brain and the spinal cord are also linked via the cerebral ventricles of the brain and continue with in the central canal of the human spinal cord. The other branch of the Human Nervous System consists of a system of neurons. A collection of cells each contains neurons that are responsible for gathering data received by the human body and acting upon that information. Neurons have projections that extend from that cell body that contain the axons and dendrites witch process the stimuli that the body is receiving. Neurons are classified by their specific duty. Motor neurons carry stimuli from the CNS to body organs, glands and muscles. Sensory neurons receive data from internal organs and external body stimuli that is sent to the CNS. Interneuron relay signals from both motor and sensory neurons. These set of nerves within the human body are known as the Peripheral Nervous System and may be broken down into their individual specialties. Stimuli is sent to the spinal cord via electrical impulses received by neurons and then is analyzed by the brain. These electrical impulses are chemical based ions that travel via myelin sheathes. Sodium ions within the cell bind to a transport protein while a phosphate group attaches to energy containing ATP and then is released to outside of the cell. Doctor Staten has theorized that the process of speeding human reaction time can be greatly increased by the human’s body to process electrical impulses through body. The human Muscular System would also need to be enhanced to with stand the rigors of advanced reaction time to stimuli. There are three types of muscle within the human body. The cardiac muscles found only in the heart that helps regulate the erythematic pumping of the heart that controls blood flow through the body. The weakest of all three muscle types are the visceral muscles found in the organs of the body that help move elements through the human body. The only voluntary muscle of the human body is the skeletal muscles; each muscle is connected to a bone and is responsible for active movement such as walking or lifting an object. Doctor Staten has long theorized that the cells that combine to form multinucleated fiber that increases the performance of the muscle when in constant use can be increased to handle the pressures of a faster reaction time. This would take an increase of electrical chemical pulses that the sarcolemma can conduct at any given time, while also allowing the reticulum to store larger amounts of calcium ions and the mitochondria would also need to break down sugars at a faster rate to produce more ATP. As Doctor Staten walked through the back corridors of the planet’s capital at 500 Republica, needless to say in a solemn mood at this time in the evening with such an unforgiving storm tromping across the planet, echoes of rain and thunder are even making their way this deep through the durra steel and concrete structures of the planet’s capital, now known as the Imperial Center to a galaxy wide Empire. His current footsteps carried him through a narrow metal corridor that welcomed the echoing of the rain drops and thunder claps of the storm outside. Each lighting fixture through the corridor would light at each step forward and turn off as he walked passed it; as if some dark shadow were following him. Doctor Staten dared not look behind him as he kept his path. To keep his mind astray from his current path through the under ways of the Imperial Palace, Doctor Staten continued to think of his projects that brought the attention of the then Chancellor Palpatine. The Human Skeletal System would have to be enhanced along with the Muscular System. With 206 different types of bones the Human Skeletal System is tasked with supporting the human body, absorbing and storing certain minerals such as calcium and iron. It also acts as protection for vital organs such as the heart and lungs, while also attaching to muscles to allow for human movement. To enhance the reaction time for humans the absorption and retaining abilities of the skeletal frame work would need to be increased. Besides being responsible for producing red and white blood cells, the human bones also produce and store several other minerals vital to human operation. The cell matrixes of the skeleton would need to increase the production and storing of calcium ions that are essential to the operation of both the Nervous and Muscular systems. The hormone produced by skeletal cells, Osteocalin would also need to be modified to increase the regulation of blood sugars and lipids that are essential needs for energy. Doctor Staten has long researched the possibility of human enhancement, but never actually carried out any experimentation. The Medical Code of Conduct and Preservation of Life Oath, he swore too prevented him for doing any such research deemed unnecessary and dangerous. He was after all a moral man in the spotlight of the galaxy’s capital; there was an image to be upheld. He long thought of doing similar experiments with the alien species of the galaxy, but the political backlash would be astronomical if it were to bleed into the public. All that changed on the day, while at The Annual Interspecies Committee on Health and Wellness event. Along with numerous Jedi healers, he met the newly appointed Chancellor of the Republic. Later on that evening Chancellor Palpatine invited Doctor Staten to his private accommodations at 500 Republic. During that meeting, Palpatine commended Doctor Staten on his brilliant research on human enhancement and offered him the position of Chief Medical Officer of the Republic. The position included a six figure salary in Republic credits along with the perks of being a high government official. Doctor Staten accepted. Even though his research was kept private to only himself and certain assistant droids. Ten years later at the start of the Clone Wars, the position of being Chief Medical Officer would include access to military equipment and clones to me used as experiments for his research. Doctor Staten did not view experiments conducted on clones as unethical; after all they were not real humans. To his relief, Doctor Staten finally reached the door way at the end of the corridor. The doorway made a hissing noise as air decompressed when the doors slid opened before Doctor Staten. He immediately noticed the sterile smell of burning electricity as he walked into the chambers and his medical assistant droid, Boylet.T, hovering at the corner of a large viewing screen. “Boylet.T?” Doctor Staten asked, trying to sound as if he were making a statement rather than asking a question. “Good evening sir.” Boylet.T, responded. Boylet.T is a GH-7 series medical droid. It is programmed with various medical needs such the ability to act as a, diagnostician, surgical assistant, anesthesiologist and hematologist. The GH-7 Series have been also programmed with soothing voice modules to meet patient’s emotional needs. The droid travels via a single repulsor lift that allows for maximum mobility around any crowded area. In the droid’s box like head there is a single optical sensor with a computer interface module built into its interior. The head sits atop of a rectangular body with multiple appendages that can access various medical tools to assist surgical personnel. The GH-7 series of droids were also built with compassion programming that prohibits harming any sentient being. Boylet.T is a chrome plated model of the series that has been modified with the compassion programming removed. “Boylet.T, who summoned you here?” Doctor Staten demanded. “You did sir, earlier this evening.” Boylet.T, responded in its soothing programmed voice. “I have diagnosed the patient as you requested, sir.” Hiding his doubt via a nervous swallow, Doctor Staten walked towards the view screen, which sat a top of a series of miniature computer screens and control modules within the half oval shaped control room. Doctor Staten noticed his own reflection in the view screen as the worry on his face contorted his round face, protruding cheek bone structure, a flat pigged nose, sunken brown eyes, olive skin and a completely shaven head. He wore wrinkled charcoal Imperial military regalia that he dared not take the time to press, considering the tone of the message he received this past evening. Past the view screen was a surgical area complete with cutting tools hung from the ceiling and surgical implants of his design. The surgical room burned with a copper color in direct contrast to the light gray steel of the control room where Doctor Staten stood. The operating table lay in the middle of the surgical room with a limbless burnt husk of a man on top it. Doctor Staten swallowed a nervous swallow again, silently hoping that the grip of anxiety he has felt since the beginning of the night went down with it. “Boylet.T, what have you diagnosed so far?” Doctor Staten asked. Better to let his scientific mind take over rather than let it dwell on the mysteries of this evening’s events. “Both lower limbs have been severed from the femur. Right appendage has also been severed from the humerus.” “All three wounds have been cauterized upon impact that has lessened that amount of blood loss to the patient.” “Third degree burns over 90% of what is left of the body. Chances of infection have also increased due to the lack of skin.” “Complete respiratory failure is imminent.” “How would you wish to proceed at this time doctor?” “The patient's respiratory system is stable enough within the enclosed surgical area. The chances of infection have increased due to the severe damage of the Integumentary System. The largest system in the body consists of the skin in two different layers, the outer epidermis and the dermis. The human skin is responsible for various functions of the human body. It contains sensory neuron that analyzes sensations. The skin helps regulate body temperature, protects the body from external organisms and prevents the loss of fluid. Due to the nature of the burns, it is unlikely that the patient's skin will completely heal. His body temperature and water balance would need to be regulated via mechanical means. Certain vitamins would need to be routinely injected since the skin absorbs certain minerals, such as vitamin D. Surgical implants will be necessary to replace many of the sensory receptors found in the skin; without feeling of cold or heat, the hypothalamus would never work correctly in regulating body temperature. Due to the damage done to the Integumentary System, it will be virtually impossible for the patient to produce meloncytes that make melanin which gives the skin its pigmentation, thus the patient will be greatly sensitive to ultra violet rays. At this moment the patient's Immune System will need support to stave off the threat of infections. The Human Immune System fights off foreign bacteria, viruses and assists in healing the body during injury. Synthesized lymphocytes will need to be directly injected into what remaines of the bone morrow. Once in the bone marrow these white cells will mature. Some of the cells will stay in the bone morrow as lymphocytes and will become B-cells that fight off specific infection and produce antibodies. Others will move into the blood stream and become white blood cells that will travel to an area in the body with infection. Some of these cells will finish maturing in the thalamus and become T-cells. These cells will kill cells infected with microorganisms. Other cells such as Phagocytes will also be developed that will engulf infections and cytotoxic cells known as hunter killers that will devour foreign organisms in the body. The Respiratory System would need to be maintenance much like the Integumentary System. The Human Respiratory System is vital to the total function of the human body. Every functioning cell of the human body needs oxygen to perform their specific duties. Oxygen is needed so that cells may break down glucose and sugars to produce ATP energy. Due to breathing of hot fumes for an extended period of time, the patient has internal burning of the nasal cavity, pharynx, and esophagus both left and right bronchi. Scar tissue to these areas will need to be surgically removed as to allow some sort of natural breathing for the patient. It is evident that these vital parts of the Respiratory System will never fully heal. The Bronchioles and the alveoli would need to have surgical implants to perform their functions. The Bronchioles end in a cluster of alveoli where actual gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place. The primary function of the Respiratory System is gas exchange. It is the way that oxygen is supplied to the blood, then is attached to hemoglobin and carried to the cells throughout the body. When oxygen is depleted, the residue carbon dioxide is carried via the blood back to the lungs and is exhaled out of the body. Most the patient's oxygen needs will need to go directly to the lungs. The lungs house the some 300 alveoli in the body and are the primary component of breathing. Mechanical implants to the lungs will allow them to function properly as they inhale and exhale. The diaphragm of the patient will need to be mechanically regulated also. The diaphragm is the component that allowes the lungs to function by pulling the bottom of the cavity were the lungs are located, this process allowed for increase of volume and the decrease of pressure.” “Shall I proceed with your recommendations, Doctor?” Boylet.T, asked, still hovering at the far corner of the control room. “I don’t think that would advisable, Boylet.T, The patient should be made aware before any procedure was to take place.” Who is this person that has caught the attention of the Emperor?” “General Skywalker, Doctor.” Boylet.T, responded. Doctor Staten was suddenly startled at the sound of air being decompressed as the doors to the control room opened. Two robed figures silently walked in and placed themselves at both sides of the entrance way. Doctor Staten recognized the visitors as the Imperial Royal Guard. Completely covered in their crimson robes that attached to a domed helmet of the same hue, a black slit across the helmet acted as a visual visor, while hints of their actual body armor underneath the robes are hinted near the arms. Resting on their shoulders are extended metal batons, called force pikes that electrocute combatants on contact. Doctor Staten stood motionless and nearly dumb founded, as it seemed to him, that the doors remained opened longer than they should have. Then the Emperor, like a spirit seemed to glide into the control room rather than walk. Doctor Staten could have sworn that the echoes of rain and thunder fallowed him through the sliding doorway. He wore a monk like rob similar to the Jedi Masters currently being hunted across the galaxy. Instead of an earthly type color this one is black with silky purple trim along the end of the hood and at the end of the sleeves. Doctor Staten stood rigid at attention and bowed his head. “My Lord, welcome.” The Emperor continued his stride past the Doctor without acknowledgment and stopped before the view screen. The reflection in the view screen only showed the lower part of his mangled wrinkled face underneath his hood. In a calm authoritative voice, which hinted at a deep malicious mangled mind, The Emperor began to speak. “Have you determined a plan of action, Doctor?” “Yes my Lord.” Doctor Staten stood just to the side of the Emperor looking into the view screen at the mangled body of General Skywalker. He noticed a rainbow reflection of crimson and copper between the surgical room’s walls and that of the Imperial Guard behind him. Doctor Staten briefly thought of one of the guard’s force pikes simultaneously electrocuting and stabbing him through the heart. He quickly put the thought out of mind. “A plan of action has already been layed out that will include advanced prosthetics, surgical implants to assist in hemostatsis and mechanical devices that will assist his lungs and monitor breathing.” “My Lord, I must contest with all respect. Skywalker would be a half man and a machine encased in a suit for the rest of his life.” “His quality of life will be next to zero.” “As a Doctor I would wish to speak to him.” The Emperor did not turn from the view screen nor did he acknowledge Doctor Staten’s comment. The Emperor instead seemed to be looking far beyond the view screen and the mangled body of Anakin Skywalker, to a different time or place. He began to whisper to himself. “Lord Vader shall be the personification of my will.” At that moment, Doctor Staten began to feel a squeezing sensation in his throat. As it progressed and intensified he began gasping for hair. He tried prying away an invisiable hand that was not there. He gasped again. He gurgled. Then all went black. Doctor Staten’s expired body floped on to the floor. The Emperor then turned to Boylet.T. “Have you documented all the Doctor’s findings and methods of action?” “Yes, My Lord, per your request.” “Good. Begin the procedure immediately.” The Emperor responded. “It will take some time to start the anesthesia, My Lord.” “Disregard it. Lord Vader must learn the ramifications of failure. It will only make him stronger.”

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