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Thread: Steel City Con Dec. 7th thru 9th

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    Steel City Con Dec. 7th thru 9th

    Steel City Con this weekend in Monroeville, PA

    December is usually the biggest show, so it should be a good time

    I will be there Friday and Sunday working the PSWCS booth and shopping

    Steel City Con ( a.k.a. Pittsburgh Toy, Comic and Childhood Collectibles Show) Monroeville PA

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    I'll be there Sunday. Can't wait to get Richard Hatch on my Battlestar poster.

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    That was a good show today. Although I didn't find what I was looking for I did end up spending lots of time on artist alley and buying quite a few prints. Always enjoy my time in Pittsburgh!
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    Anything Star Wars is getting tough to find. The only things that are easy to find are the scaled stuff that just came out and people are looking to score a quick $$$ on. (good for them if they get it!) I hung out and worked for a little bit Sat. AM at the PSWCS booth selling the Yoda Burn Camp medallions.

    The vintage is as limited as it ever was. One of the Ohio guys always has a great booth set up and is reasonable, otherwise prices are rediculous for the little vintage that IS there... $100, $140...Hundreds for beat up/no where near good condition boxed vintage ships and stuff like that. I did manage to grab some modern carded VC figs for $5. Been grabbing them at 5 Below, but even some figs that haven't hit 5 Below were cheap as well. Luke Lightsaber reconstruction mint unpunched $5...not bad. Snagged a Gam guard, Odd Ball, and Arc as well this weeked, all cheap.

    Lots of the usual booths with pegs full of modern. Oddly enough most of the 90's POTF2, Saga, POTJ stuff wasn't around AT ALL (used to see tons of that stuff year after year)

    Lately my puchases at this show are limited. Usually just grab the cheap modern carded I need to fill the holes. Most of the other stuff is way overpriced. As the years go by I find my vintage purchases are less and less (almost nohing now), but it's also becasue I'm pieceing together more of the vintage stuff together and fillign the holes as the years go by.

    Also grabbed a few Attactix silver base Han, mangaguard, and Luke for a couple $...some of those silver base Limited nes are really tough to get. Ebay has rediculous prices sometimes on these.

    Also met up with some of te PSWCS group for dinner. Traded for a few things, and sold/traded the handful of vintage boxes I had (bought previously from a lot). Snagged a few more Galactic File cards I needed, and a Fett poster. All in all good show, fun as always!
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    Great to see you guys from PSWCS again, even Cable. There were a good amount of people there and many dealers had record sales as well. The next one is set for April 5th-7th and hopefully, with the con normally held in March, we'll have no weather issues to deal with. Hope to see you guys there!

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    Maybe it's because I go on Sunday, but I never really see anything good. The vintage stuff is all junk and the new stuff can all be found cheaper elsewhere. The only reason I go is for signatures and right now there's no one so far in April to make me want to make the trip.

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