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Thread: 2012 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - Phase 4 The Final Round!

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    2012 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - Phase 4 The Final Round!


    Thanks everyone for voting in the last thread but we're down to the crunch time, here's the thread for the final round of voting for the 2012 Rebelscum wishlist poll. Whoever gets the most amount of votes in this poll will be the 2012 Rebelscum wishlist poll winner!

    The voting will be strict to ensure everything runs smoothly so please ensure you understand the rules first before voting or else your vote will not count. Do not skip reading the rules!

    In the last round we had 24 characters to choose from and with everyones votes it's been rounded down to just the top 10 choices for this, the final round. In phase 4 you get to vote for the top character that you'd like Hasbro to release in the basic toy line. One winner!

    Make your vote count this year! Make sure your voting for the figures you want to see and would buy at retail.


    * Forum members are to select only one character from the top 10 characters listed below

    * Only the characters listed in the poll may be voted for.

    * There will be no editing of votes, once a vote is locked in... it's locked in period.

    * This poll may close at any point in time but a rough date of voting end will be in the end of December.

    * Forum members are allowed one set of votes per poll only, all votes will be screened to make sure no one is voting more then once, breaking this rule will void all your votes in this poll plus you may have your account removed if it's discovered.

    * Rules are subject to change

    ***If a forum user doesn't follow the rules then the users vote in this poll will be voided and no votes will be accepted by them in this poll. ***

    What are you waiting for, get voting!

    TOP 10:

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    Darth Plagueis

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    Yak Face is my choice.

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    Sgt. Doallyn

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    Zayne Carrick.
    Show your love for Imperial Commando 2!
    New figure wants: Zayne Carrick, Ben Skywalker, Anakin Solo
    Rerelease wants: Jacen and Jaina Solo

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    Another vote for........

    Zayne Carrick!
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    Mosep bin need gets my vote.
    Hasbro, hear my plea for the Rickshaw Droid!
    Current top five most wanted: rickshaw droid, Kalyn farnmir, veedaaz awmeth, toonbuck toora, BD-3000 "Betty droid".
    My feedback thread:

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    Admiral Piett
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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