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Thread: Attakus Metal

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    Attakus Metal

    I thought i'd start this thread as the metal line was one of my favourite collections. I have all the regular figurines and I'm in the process of buying the Millennium Falcon and Deathstar Hall Diorama from a shop in France, (only 12 more months to go ).

    I still think that it's one of the most underrated collectibles out there and think that it's ambition and status as a grail item can't be denied. I would've liked to have seen more figures so that owners could make their own scenes (Stormtroopers at attention new the ramp and a scanning crew come to mind).

    I know that a lot of people who bought the dio said that Attakus never sent out the exclusive figures (Mouse droids and Luke in Stormtrooper outfit.) I read somewhere that Attakus planned to make good on the exclusive figures and wondered if they had.

    Anyway, that's enough wittering from me. What do you think of the metal line?
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    I have the 4 metal Stormtrooper and Vader figures:

    As some of you may know my focus are OT Imperials and Troopers and thus I had to get these figures. Glad I got them for a good price though. They are very close in scale with Hasbro's 3" 3/4 line, they are nice, but I would never pay the full price on them.

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    I think the Stormtroopers look pretty good & if the metal figures were bigger then I'd pay the money being asked for them BUT for the size they are, I don't feel that they are good value for money so unless someone's selling them for a bargain price on ebay I'll not be buying any.
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    They look great but the size is a little small for my taste

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    Some time ago they were offered for very good prices. I got them boxed new for under $30 a piece and one of them for $15. Right now each of them go for over $70 and some even for $90 on ebay which is too much IMO. The size is ok for displaying them next to bigger collectibles, but not to have them as centerpieces.

    Maybe on the Falcon diorama, but I was never too impressed with half the Falcon, no matter how cool it was, plus considering the huge price it went for and my focus which was OT Imperials. Long ago thought of getting just the Death Star section of the Attakus Falcon dio but still not worth it.

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    I never had an issue with the half Falcon issue and i loved the idea that you can see the interior of the Falcon. The detail is incredible IMO. I also didn't think it was that expensive, considering it's nearly 6 feet long. and went for about the same price as MR's studio scale that was released at the same time.

    I do think the figures are a little expensive though.
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    It's a shame that the concept seems to have stalled. They were supposed to release a Dagobah set, which would have been impressive, but seems to have been cancelled. And I would kill for a Jabba's Palace.

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    Jabba's palace would have been incredible, imagine all the figurines? Double it up with a Rancor pit and it'd be incredible.
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    I picked a bunch of these up when Tuesday Morning had them or $30 each. I got: Vader, Obi-Wan, and 3 different Stormtroopers. I later picked up a C3PO. Still looking for R2D2. he's pretty hard to find, isn't he?

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    Did anyone get their exclusive mouse droid and Luke in Stormtrooper uniform figures?

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