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Thread: Films with vintage Star Wars toys in

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    Films with vintage Star Wars toys in

    The Kenner figures were obviously part of pop culture back in the 70's/80's and I know that they made it intentionally/unintentionally into quite a few films, but I wondered if there was a definitive list somewhere.

    ET is obvious, and someone mentioned Argo recently.

    I remember seeing Silent Night, Deadly Night a few years back which features a shelf of Jabbas. Are there any more out there?

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    Poltergeist has an abundance of Star Wars toys in it.
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    There was a really bad movie that MST3K riffed on from 1983 that had Star Wars toys all over it that the family's son played with prominently in the film. I will have to try and remember the title of it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediMarty View Post
    Poltergeist has an abundance of Star Wars toys in it.
    How did I miss that in the 10 times I've seen it? 3 minutes in there's a poster, Vader carry case, large size Yoda, then regular FX7, R2 and Luke. 3 minutes later we get a full screen shot of a duvet.

    I love that the next day in the film they have been moved - Hoth Han has killed Vader, Luke's killed a Stormtrooper and is riding off into the distance on the Taun taun.

    Maybe I always found the channel changing bits stupid and wanted to get to the good bits later in the film so I didn't pay attention.
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    Here's some old threads that have discussed this before that have some of the screen captures.

    Here's some that I also did from the movie Ted earlier this year.

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    Schoolboy error. Sorry guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Skelatron View Post
    Schoolboy error. Sorry guys.

    I didn't quite mean it in that way other than there's some more reference material for you to compile a list. It'd be great to get a definitive thread going with the screen captures/list of movies with vintage.
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    Different forum, same discussion - some more screen grabs for you: Star Wars Forum - Vintage Star Wars Collecting Forum - • Login
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    deleted ....
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