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Thread: Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

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    Most likely fake, but fun plot speculation.
    it jives with previous plot rumors about the "force tree", and the 2 original force users: one "good" (decidedly feminist .. erm.. I mean decidedly FEMALE) and one "evil" (decidedly MALE).

    the "evil male" kills the "good female"; this causes an imbalance in the force; and she gets resurrected... over and over.. while he still lives -- to "balance" his presence in the universe.

    (and it seems this guy can "switch bodies".. so he never really dies.. which explains why this has been going on for so long -- he's been alive 'continuously', and she's been alive 'repeatedly', for thousands of years -- he keeps himself alive by using the force in ways that are 'unnatural' [palpatine's words]; and the Force brings her back to life, over and over, to stop him from doing this).

    ^^ it sounds like he gathered past plot rumors which were already out there , and just connected a few dots.

    I agree: most likely fake. but fun plot speculation.

    ^^ if this were true , then both of these immortal beings -- (the good "original force user" and the evil "original force user") -- they were both "incarnated" at the same time, in the bodies of Palpatine and Vader.. why wasn't there harmony in the universe, during this time? they were working together.

    this doesn't make much sense. unless we buy into the notion , that Rey's Ghost turned temporarily evil, BECAUSE it was born into the body of an "Evil" MALE (aka: anakin).
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    that sound too similar to what happens with Hawkman and Hawkgirl! lol
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