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Thread: What are you currently playing?

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    Ok so played a good bit of MP finally, and it is pretty fun.
    I totally suck at the majority of the game modes, but the new mode "War" is outstanding. Its an objective type mode, without killstreaks, and with kills/deaths disabled. So you can just focus on the objective. Think a smaller scale version of Battlefields Operations mode. It is probably the most fun I've had in COD in years.
    The D Day map is easily my favorite, storming the beaches as the Allies, and then switching sides and defending the beaches as the Germans. Awesome.
    The other modes are the same old thing around and shoot people, get sniped by campers, or get bombed by killstreaks every 5 seconds. War is finally something new.
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    They need to copy BF’s huge maps. Just one or two would be cool. With vehicles. The thing that’s getting me is the people jumping around corners and shooting you.
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    Last night I just started replaying Saints Row 3 from the beginning. Doing Act 1 differently for the trophy for the Kah boom trophy where Im not gonna disarm the bomb this time. Gonna see how the game plays out differently where I dont save that building

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