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Thread: FS/FT: Anh, Esb, Rotj moc, AFA, Proofs

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    FS/FT: Anh, Esb, Rotj moc, AFA, Proofs

    I found my grail and currently need to sell some items to pay for the rest of it. All of these items are for sale or trade. they are only for trade against Revenge proofs, or Han Trenchcoat items i don't have. Let me know if you need any more photos of anything. Prices don't include shipping and are negotiable. No returns so ask any questions you have.
    Thanks Zak

    Trilogo Moc:

    Trilogo Han Solo on Han Bespin Card.-One of the nicest examples i have ever seen of this, no cracks from what i can tell and hardly any dents.-$450

    Trilogo Ugnaught AFA 75- nice moc.-$110

    Trilogo B-Wing Pilot AFA 75- Error bubble with 2 guns in the bubble.-$125

    Trilogo Ugnaught AFA 80- Really nice moc.-$150

    Trilogo Han Bespin AFA 85- Rare grade.-$325

    Trilogo AFA 75 Ben Kenobi- the grade says it all.-$150

    ESB Moc:

    ESB 47 back Luke X-Wing- Nice moc small card tear on top left corner, once of my best condition mocs.-$125

    ESB 41 back Leia Hoth- nice debut card, small dent once on the top let of bubble but someone popped it out.-$155

    ESB 41 back Yoda- slight edge wear on card, really nice moc.-$110

    ROTJ Moc:

    ROTJ 65 C back Tie Fighter Pilot- nice moc only yellow bubble that is against this peice.-$100

    ROTJ 77 back Vader- Excellent shape beside for the yellow bubble but overall a really nice moc.-$100

    ROTJ 77 back Powerdroid- Nice condition moc, clear bubble and really in good shape.-$90

    ROTJ 77 back Greedo- Nice moc, good shape besides for small vein near the punch.-$90

    AFA 85 ROTJ Han Solo alternate picture- The AFA Grade says it all, hard to find a sample like this one.-$340

    ROTJ 77 back Stormtrooper- Excellent moc got AFA declined due to one spot of ink touch up. Perfect shape would have been AFA 85 at least.-$100

    ROTJ store counter bar soap display. The rare black one. Nice shape no cracks. Hard to find!-$100

    AFA Loose

    AFA 85 Barada-$80

    AFA 85 Han Hoth- Flesh Face/Tan Pants-$65
    Also have AFA 85 Amanaman and Yak Face, not sure if i want to sell for sure but if your interested in either of them pm me.
    Im not to framiliar with moc prices currently so let me know if im really far off on some prices. Thanks Zak
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    Bump! Price reductions need money for a promise ring for my girl. Hit me up with offers.


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    PM Sent 12/02/12

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    PM on the waayyyyyy!!!
    Impressive....most impressive.... (That's what she said...)

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    Will respond to messages, got alot of attention on the Luke so first come first serve. If a deal falls through ill let the next person know.

    thanks Zak

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    Paypal Gift Payment Sent 12/03/12

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    Bump for a friend with nice stuff
    Looking for Leia Organa and Bespin proofs . See my WTB / FT /FS here :
    My feedback

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    pm sent ...

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    Bump for a awesome scummer! Thanks for understanding my payment delay and holding a item for me. Great deals here. Payment on its way shortly.

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