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Thread: Sideshow 1:1 Yoda

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    I just bought this 1:1 full sized Yoda right out of the display case at Disneyland 2 weeks ago.

    I saw it initially at Disney World 2 weeks earlier and I asked if the passholder discount was available on it. I was told no and that in addition, since it was their last one, they couldn't sell it. For $3,000 I thought it was pretty pricey and wouldn't have bought it anyway but it stuck with me. Flash forward two weeks and they had one in Disneyland, I almost jokingly asked about the passholder discount and they said yes. With 20% off it brought the price down to $2,400 and shipping maxes at $39 under the new pricing policy so I did it. Pretty crazy buying it right out of the case.

    I've never bought anything like this before and I don't want to just "set it out" . I'd really like to place Yoda in some sort of glass / plexiglass case of some sort.

    Does anyone have any ideas about getting a case for it?

    Thanks in advance!
    Congratulations on getting the life-size Yoda. I did something similar but of a lesser value a few years ago when I bought the Legendary scale Obi-Wan bust from the Terminator ride ( that's right), in Universal Studios Orlando. I don't know if they still have one but, they used to have a showroom with many Sideshow pieces for sale there, so I just got mine out of the glass case. It was exciting.

    As far as buying a case for your Yoda, you can try contacting some acrylic display makers in your area. If that doesn't work, I know has been of great help to many collectors before. Good luck, and enjoy your purchase!

    Acrylic display Case & Frames | Display Racks | Cases for collectibles
    Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.
    TOLL FREE 1.800.582.9038

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    Just saw there is a preorder for this (again)? Looks just like the one previously available but not shipping until end of year. Anyone know what this is about?

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    It has no fix ES and they can prodeuce him as often as they like and whenever they like.

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    Thanks; I had wanted it before and it sold out before I could pull the trigger on it. Now
    im back on the fence.

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    I ordered this from Sideshow forgetting about the import and custom fees coming into Australia. $630 FedEx charged me. I'm going to have to go back to ordering locally.
    it is an awesome piece though.

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