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Thread: :: Kaneda_01 : GG 12" Jumbo Vintage Collection!

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    Lightbulb :: Kaneda_01 : GG 12" Jumbo Vintage Collection!

    After a small toy collecting break... I decided to assemble a loose GG's 12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner set! I will update this thread with my progress as the new figures arrive via mail delivery...

    I purchased the following from Ikea to display this collection... ultimately will purchase a second unit if GG continues this line.

    :: Billy bookcase (slim) in black/brown - 31.5 x 79.5 x 11
    :: Morebo glass doors x2
    :: Upgraded 10" glass shelves x 2
    :: Inreda lightstrip x2 (if I had an opportunity to do this again... would have selected a different LED combo)
    :: To lighten up the background... I decided to build a custom lighted Deathstar hallway backdrop... I just finished the first shelf and currently working on shelf #2. My work in progress thread can be found here...

    This will comfortably display the first 21+ variations (total of 24 figures)... here is my checklist so far...

    01. Luke Skywalker - 1600
    02. Princess Leia - 2500
    03. Han Solo(large) - 2500
    04. Han Solo(small) - 500
    05. Chewbacca - 2500
    06. Obi-wan - 1290
    07. R2-D2 - ???
    08. C-3PO - 2100
    09. Darth Vader - 3300
    10. Stormtrooper - 1500
    11. Jawa(cloth) - 1380
    12. Jawa(vinyl) - 1000
    13. Tusken raider - 1500
    14. Death squad commander - 1000
    15. Snaggletooth(red) - 1000
    16. Snaggletooth(blue) - 2000
    17. Greedo - 1400
    18. Walrusman - ???
    19. Hammerhead - 1000
    20. R5-D4 - 1000
    21. Deathstar droid - 950
    23. Luke X-Wing - 1000
    24. Boba Fett - 1500

    25. Lando Calrissian - 1400
    28. Gamorrean Guard - 700
    22. Power droid - ??? pre-order!
    27. Yoda(brown) - 492 pre-order!
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    Came home to Vader waiting in the patio... updated the initial photo with Vader loose from his blister pack prison and on display!! Should receive the following figures over the next couple days via FedEx and UPS...

    01. Luke Skywalker
    03. Han Solo (large head)
    06. Obi-wan
    07. R2-D2
    10. Stormtrooper
    11. Jawa (cloth)
    20. R5-D4

    A fellow RSr really hooked me up with a Fett trade... so he should be here next week and then I'm current and waiting for GG pre-orders to ship!!

    24. Boba Fett

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    Posted in wrong forum.


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    That display cabinet is a perfect way to display the 12" figure line. Looking forward to seeing it filled up.
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    Thanks for the compliments... I'm really happy with the Ikea solution. I noticed shelf two is a little darker than the other three... primarlly since Vader and DSC are darker figures. As a solution... I took the Jawa cardback to a local reprographics company this morning... and their Photoshop guy is going to scale the cardback to 31" x 36" and fill the photo area with Kenner yellow... so I can affix a backdrop to the top and bottom sections of my display case... that should allow the figures to stand out a bit more under LED lighting.

    Only problem... I will need to do the same for ESB and ROTJ and possibly POTF downstream!

    Here is today's haul compliments of FedEx/UPS... I updated my initial post with a current photo of the display case.

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    How much did the cabinet cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramy View Post
    How much did the cabinet cost?
    The Billy bookcases are really affordable... $59 for the basic colors black, birch, etc... the color I selected was black-brown which was $79... the doors are $100... so $179 for the bookcase with wooden shelves... the two glass shelf upgrades were $10ea. so if you included them... $199!! :O)

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    Arrived home to find R5-D4 at my front door... and a second C-3PO.

    Updated the initial post with a new photo of the display with R5-D4... Han (large head) & Stormtrooper should be arriving tomorrow or Friday... hoping the cloth Jawa or Boba Fett are not to far behind.

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    So I have been struggling with the lighting in the case... primarily the dark background. So I decided to build a custom Deathstar hallway backdrop to brighten-up the background and serve as a background light source. With that said... here is the design I came up with on paper... four one piece standalone sections that measure 18.25" x 30" x 2"... I figure if I build them as a standalone backdrops that have self contain LED lights, battery packs, etc... I can move them around in the future if I decided to add more cases or re-organize. I'm excited about building the unit with the door section... as the inner edge will have the neon bars running across the sides and top as seen in the movie stills. Plan on using foam core for the inner frame and building the outer facade using 3mm styrene plastic sheets built up in layers. The greeblies (control panels) will be cast using plastic resin...

    Here is a link to a similar Tantive IV project I tackled a few years ago... for my 3 3/4" action figure collection.

    Also, some pics of my custom DeathStar wall sconce above my vintage loose action figure display...

    This project should go pretty quick... I will start framing the each shelf unit this weekend with black foam core... can't continue until the following week when I have access to a automated styrene die-cutter to get that uniform look as seen in the movie. So more to come... in the next couple weeks.
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