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Thread: Forum Feedback and Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnor_Jax View Post
    I tried posting to the powers that be about making a sticky out of a useful thread can you look into this??? It's relevant to all..
    Which thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Wyman View Post
    Which thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Wyman View Post
    It has not been done away with, no. Did you try using a different browser to see if that worked? Sometimes different browsers can have weird glitches like this with the forum software.
    I have never had any issues with that function, or anything else on this site, and I have been using Chrome for years. I have attempted to change my thread title, again, to no avail. When I go into the thread, and I click to go "advanced" the page doesn't do anything just comes up blank. Then I backpedal and it takes me back to the original thread. ?

    I really don't know which other browser to revert to other than Firefox. I guess I will have to try it later today when time permits. I really hope to be able to freely change the title to my thread without having to seek assistance from a Mod, Super Mod, or Admin. Thanks!
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    I was able to finally make the edit to said thread title. YAY! However, I had to use Edge to do it (yuck). I think I will go rinse off, I feel really gross after using Edge! LOL!

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    The "What's New" button on the mobile site currently returns a search error...
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