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Thread: FS: MR Stormtrooper Blaster & Misc. Props

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    FS: MR Stormtrooper Blaster & Misc. Props

    I have a few more props and other misc. things up for sale. Paypal and shipping within the United States only. Prices include UPS shipping & Insurance unless otherwise noted. Items include all COAs and other paperwork, plaques, etc. MR items have been displayed and mirrored bases do have some gentle scratches from dusting periodically.

    SSC Mola Ram PF (Factory Sealed) - $150 (shipped via UPS)

    NECA PoTC Black Pearl Wooden Ship Replica - $200

    Indiana Jones Fertility Idol - $100

    Fan made and plated. Light gold color in appearance, not perfect but looks pretty nice on display. The idol arrived to me with a repaired ear (see picture.)

    Thanks for looking!

    Ghostbusters Ghost Trap & Pedal - $125 SOLD
    MR Stormtrooper Blaster LE - Complete with all shipping boxes/materials/coa/plaque $550 SOLD
    MR Wedge Antilles Scaled Helmet - $100 SOLD
    Sideshow Darkman Premium Format (Exclusive-factory sealed) - $320 SOLD
    Sideshow Godfather Premium Format $200 SOLD
    MR LOTR F/X Sting $100 SOLD
    MR Predator 2 Spear (Artist Proof) SOLD
    MR Jedi Training Remote w/Rebelscum Acrylic Display Case. SOLD
    Gentle Giant Darth Vader Kneeling Statue SOLD
    MR PotC Dead Man's Chest SOLD
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    Any other POTC items other than the chest?
    "He's no good to me dead."-Boba Fett

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    Just the chest at the moment, thanks.

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    Love to take the wedge helmet off your hands, can I convince you to ship to the uk?
    "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy."

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSKY77 View Post
    Just the chest at the moment, thanks.
    If you have anything else you're ever thinking about selling, LMK!
    "He's no good to me dead."-Boba Fett

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    List updated and a couple prices dropped. Thanks.

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    Updates and lowered some prices.

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    If you would consider a trade for the MR Sting PM me.

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    Items have been updated, thanks for looking.

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