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Thread: Wave 2 2013

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    Wave 2 2013

    Wave Two of 2013 is set to include:

    #09 - R2-D2 - Geonosis#10 - Pablo Jill
    #11 - Luminara Unduli
    #12 - 41st Elite Clone Trooper
    #13 - Stormtrooper
    #14 - Mara Jade Skywalker - Jedi

    Thoughts on this wave as a whole?

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    Personally I like this wave. Two guarantee buys with the others as strong possiblities of buying.

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    I can't wait to see Mara, Luke, and Biggs... tho I'm nervous about the first two. Mara, because they're still using Sleeveless Catsuit artwork for teasing Jedi Mara (in the slideshow). Luke, because 'improved film accuracy' doesn't necessarily mean 'we'll fix all the stuff we got wrong' (blaster, hair color, skin color, saber hilt--tho, really, he wasn't wearing ANY hilt at the ceremony--any other nitpicky things, better articulation). For all we know, all they mean is they removed the saber hilt and recolored the skin. One thing I DO hope they realize is they already have the correct blaster, from the VTAC Endor Leia. Totally wrong pistol for Endor Leia, but perfect for ANH Leia and Yavin Luke.

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    At least 1 case for me. Since it's at tax season I might get 2. Really want a couple rex's.
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    I would of rather had a Luke with Headset from the Falcon and updated legs. Oh well, maybe some day.

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    Better than wave 1. Yavin Luke & Biggs top wants. 1st 2 waves of BAD aren't making end of vintage easier to swallow
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    Other than the BAD parts this line is a total fiasco. Seriously, it's ebay or bust for me to get the cool droids. Otherwise, yeah. "These aren't the figures I'm looking for... Nobody will need to see my identification (I won't be buying anything!) Moving along. Moving along..."
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    since luke yavin ceremony gets an upgrade, I hope they do the same thing for han solo yavin ceremony after we got is a non movie accurate figure

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    is luke yavin going to be all new sculpt? if so I might as well sell off the anniversary luke yavin and biggs darklighter i hope he's as a x wing pilot and about movie accurate the band collar on his right leg then I'll sell off the anniversary biggs pilot. can't complain about deleted scene biggs because of his legs just yet. most of all biggs that i want to see as a ANH pilot for x-wing.

    a ep 2 clone pilot, I'm still keeping the ones that came with a ball shape turret that attached the gunship.

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    I have a bad feeling about this...someone has returned to the forums.
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